In place of the thumb a woman transplanted nameless

Working in the barn, the farmer, who accidentally put his hand into the machine for bottling of milk and took off my thumb, got a surprise gift from plastic surgeons. They place one finger put the other nameless.

51-year-old Helen Behem from the English Lincolnshire lost the thumb on the hand after he tried to save the glass bottle cost 10 pence out of your car for bottling milk. Assembly cut not only a large finger, but part of the brush, when she deftly caught the falling bottle and set it back on the conveyor. The woman claims that at first do not feel the pain, and simply wrapped the brush with a towel to stop the bleeding and get to hospital where they took her husband.

In this medical institution lady spent three weeks recovering from the accident and learning about life without a thumb. However, two months later, plastic surgeons offered the option. Since the thumb on the brush is one of the main, because with it comes the capture and management of different kinds of objects, the experts agreed to replant the ring finger in place of the large.

This strange at first glance, plastic surgery was successful, and now Helen does not get tired to thank the doctors who gave her the opportunity to control the hand. Although this arm is now only 4 fingers, the operation was carried out so brilliantly that at first glance many people do not even notice the intervention of doctors. In this regard, plastic surgeons have stated that without the thumb the functionality of the hand is reduced by more than 60-70%, and no unmarked by about 15-20%. So the choice was obvious. ()