The mother of two children turns himself into a rubber woman

This woman and mother spent a lot of money on plastic surgery to look like living rubber woman. Moreover, she argues that such appearance does not prevent her to perform maternal duties.

After Cindy Moore from Manchester has lost almost 50 kg and 6 dress sizes, she became a great pleasure to put pictures of her body online. 29-year-old resident of Manchester enjoyed the tight overalls, skirts in the style of Schoolgirls and ultra-short tops. And soon the woman began to undergo one plastic surgery after another, posing a very specific purpose. Cindy decided to turn itself into a semblance of live rubber woman, as even the old-fashioned way sometimes called sexual blow-up dolls sold in sex shops. Such a strange desire, according to Cindy, it does not affect her maternal duties.

“People must think I am posting these pictures because they want sex or looking for a man, but I just want to boast their appearance, – says Cindy. – After the publication of these pictures my mood is improved. Wearing different outfits, I feel strong, powerful, sexy and kind of slutty. Really sexy doll should have large lips and Breasts. Initially I did not set a goal to become a living doll, but now many say that I look like her”.
Cindy went through one breast, she regularly makes herself injections of fillers in lips and uses hair extensions. In addition, she is proud of her sexual makeup. This house is raising a son and a daughter, and she says that the appearance of the mother does not cause any harm to the psyche of her kids. ()