Sleeping on the stomach is the most unhealthy habit!

Experts told about what the position of the body during sleep are useful and which not. That’s a good reason to not to sleep on my stomach.

Many people claim that generally can only sleep on her side or back. Some people prefer to lie on her stomach, and says that getting the quality sleep. Indeed, sleeping on the stomach is a reliable prevention of snoring, experts say-the sleep of the famous American Mayo Clinic. However, they stress that this habit very often leads to the development of chronic back pain. When we sleep on stomach, back bends, and a few hours in a row back muscles experience additional pressure. In addition, it is also extremely uncomfortable position for the neck, so the pain in the neck to these people is also provided.

In General, sleeping on your stomach most experts call the worst position of the body during night rest. For a person to be comfortably breathed in her sleep, he should be in such a position that his head and neck had the ability to constantly turn in one direction or another. If we lie on the stomach, the body is fixed. But what do the people who claim that it is the only comfortable position for their body during sleep?

In this case, they at least need to put a pillow in the pelvis, directly under the belly. This will help to relieve some of the pressure on the spine. Under the head must also be the cushion if, of course, it is not too hard on the back. If you feel this stress, try to sleep without pillows under the head. (READ MORE)