Married men said that they are looking for mistresses

From longer hair to pieces with mouth-watering curves. Dared to adultery husbands told what qualities they value in pussy.

Happy families, in which spouses are not cheating on each other decades is, alas, often exist only in the pages of women’s novels and in the movies. Statistics show that the vast majority of men at least once, but goes to the side, and people just have permanent mistresses. But what qualities in women attract married men? A survey on this subject carried out one of the sites which just specializiruetsya on the selection of lovers and mistresses for spouses.

Of 5 000 men who took part in the survey, over 40% said that the main thing for them is shape, and 35,2% want someone slimmer. This means that if the wife wants to keep her husband in the family, she still have to watch your dimensions. Almost 30% of men love it when their lovers do sports to keep a good ratio. About the same number of men prefer women at the same time elegant and stylish.

Long hair is also one of the most attractive characteristics of his mistress along with beautiful eyes. No wonder that more than 70% of men, practicing adultery, the appearance of their lovers is much more important than the mind and character traits. But men still say that on the side they need women who are kind, gentle and understanding. 67,6% of men will appreciate, if the mistress has a sense of humor, because the stronger sex is hot. More than 50% call easy-going mistress, a valuable character trait.It is possible that men on the side looking for a women with those characteristics of appearance and character, which do not correspond to their wives. (READ MORE)