The ban of energy drinks make Teens less aggressive

Experts estimate the benefits of future ban on energy drinks in the UK. It is now believed that the local teenagers are less likely to fight.

Future ban on energy drinks in General are aimed at combating the epidemic of obesity in the country. However, if it takes place, we will also do the streets in the UK safer. A new study has shown that the combination of alcohol and energy drinks increases the likelihood of fights. Scientists from the University of Portsmouth together with his Brazilian colleagues evaluated the effect of alcohol and taurine is a key ingredient of energy drinks. However, this combination was evaluated at the social reactions… Zebra fish.

When the fish had consumed alcohol and taurine, they are much more frequently behave aggressively towards other fish than by drinking alcohol. The study’s authors believe that the combination of taurine and alcohol may exacerbate the negative effect of alcohol, which in turn, increases the likelihood of violence, aggressive behavior, and all other forms of risky behaviour.

Magicforum recalls that the UK government is considering a draft law on a total ban on sales of energy drinks to children and adolescents. In other words, persons under 18 cannot legally acquire energy just as today they do not have the right to purchase alcoholic beverages or alcohol. It is believed that energy is one of the main reasons a powerful epidemic of childhood obesity in the country. (READ MORE)