5 tips that will quickly lead figure in the order after delivery

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Treatments during pregnancy

Recovery after childbirth

In the world there are many women who would be happy with her figure. And after such a wonderful event as pregnancy and child birth, these women become even less. It is no secret that the process of carrying a child from a physiological point of view is incredibly complex and requires women of a huge number of both physical and moral strength. And, as a result, after the completion of pregnancy all internal reserves of the body if not drained, then close to it.

However, not all so sad. If you approach your health with the mind, to the birth of a child can prepare your body as much as it allows the individual characteristics. And, at least to avoid many unpleasant changes in the body. Magicforum find out what are the tips to help give shape after the baby is born in order, quickly and inexpensively. Following these tips will allow for a short period to once again feel athletic and toned.

Treatments during pregnancy

How to care for your figure during pregnancy? Take care of your body life, and prepare it for pregnancy in advance. But if, for some reason not possible, and during pregnancy can prevent many problems with a figure.

All complicated by the fact that the extra weight is not so bad, added to it a well as skin problems such as stretch marks, hair and teeth.

So, the first step isto rid your diet from useless or harmful products and go to proper nutrition. If in the course of pregnancy there are no contraindications, the sport also has not been canceled: swimming classes, gymnastics or pregnancy yoga will help to prevent physical inactivity of the muscles and keep them in good shape.

As for the skin, during pregnancy she requires special care, which can give treatments such as massages, contrast showers and active hydration.

From about the 20th week of pregnancy it is preferable to wear a compression garment it will help to avoid or at least reduce the number of stretch marks.

It is also important to pay attention to the fact that during pregnancy, a woman’s body can experience an acute shortage of vitamins, which of course affects the appearance of skin and hair. A competent specialist will help you choose the necessary moment vitamins, intake of which will prevent many unpleasant health problems.

Recovery after childbirth

A child is born, it is now possible to lose weight. To the process of the restore the figure after childbirth should be approached holistically and work on all fronts. First, it is reducing weight, and secondly – restoration of the abdomen, and thirdly the restoration of the breast.

Every woman is individual and her body. Someone recruited during pregnancy lose weight almost immediately, someone he lasts longer, but most often, many women still gain weight while breastfeeding. The main thing is not to panic and not to try as soon as possible to drive those extra pounds.

The fact that the usual diet, and even more Express diet can completely undermine the already weakened pregnancy health. In this case the aid will come is now so popular proper diet. This includes:

•fractional power in small portions, but five or six times a day;


•limit salt intake as it contributes to fluid retention in the body, and, consequently, leads to edema.

It is also worth limit, and it is better to exclude completely from the diet consumption of sauces, dressings and other products with a high content of salts, concentrates and sugar. Will have to give up even from the flour and other fast carbs, give preference to food cooked without adding oil, that is cooked, baked or steamed.

As for the stomach, here can help postpartum brace. The using it is that it will prevent sagging skin and help the muscles to be fixed in the normal position.

The situation with the stomach can aggravate a problem such as a diastasis– a separation of the muscles of the abdomen. To determine the presence of diastase, do the following:

•lie on the floor and bend your knees;

•feet should stand flat on the floor;

•put one hand behind my head and the other on the abdomen at the navel;

•slightly raise the upper body. If between the muscles on the stomach can fit more fingers then the diastasis is the place to be. Separation of the muscles, may be different.

Often the muscles converge themselves, if a woman plays sports and leads an active lifestyle, but if not, then I can help only operation. To full sports activities after delivery you can start already after 1.5 – 2 months, of course, in the absence of complications and after consultation with the doctor.

However, the vacuum exercises can be started early, it is very effective for a flat stomach, as it trains the transverse muscle that holds the internal organs. To perform this exercises is in the morning, on an empty stomach. It will take a few minutes and the result, with regular repetition, it will not take long.

To perform vacuum exercises should:

•inhale deeply and stretch the abdominal muscles;

•loud exhale, pulling the stomach, as if trying to tape it to the back;

•in this state need to hold from 5 to 30 seconds, then inhale and relax the belly.

Repeat this exercise is 5-6 times.

To rebuild the breast, you should also follow some recommendations, for example, abrupt completion of breast-feeding, can affect the skin of the breast, therefore, to complete the feeding should gradually. Possible to 1 – 1.5 years, in this period recovering the fatty breast tissue and it becomes to the pregnant state. Also come to the aid of a contrast shower, massage, special exercises and the use of good cosmetic products.

In the process restore the figure after pregnancy and childbirth need to abide by the same principles as in normal weight loss – discipline and integrated approach, it would wish.

Previously, doctors told how to get in shape after childbirth.