Almost everyone is infected with Herpes – when it becomes extremely dangerous

Virtually everyone is the Herpes simplex Virus infected with many he makes on a regular basis in the Form of nasty cold sores are noticeable. But he can also act differently: the brain attack for example.

Herpes viruses are a large family, or, rather, a criminal Clan with different bad members of the family. They are widely used, very contagious, by the immune system, largely unnoticed, and they trigger illnesses that go from annoying than painful or threatening.

HHV-1 and HHV-2: Herpes simplex – only seemingly harmless

A tingling sensation, usually on the lip, is the first indication that soon nasty be painful sores resembling. After a few days they burst, the body encrusted, and the outbreak is over.

Whenever the immune system weakens, break for many people, the typical Herpes-symptoms: in an infection, as well as in a lot of Stress, or – paradoxically – in the holidays, when the Stress subsides.

90 percent of people carry the Herpes Simplex virus (HSV). The infection usually happens in early Childhood – a kiss of the mummy is enough. The pathogens migrate to the spinal cord and are nesting in the nerve cells. That sounds dramatic, but it can remain for years and decades without consequences. It is only when the immune system shows weakness, the virus guard, Hiking paths on the nerves (mostly) in the direction of the mouth.

Particularly painful is when the viruses leave their fluid-filled blisters on the Penis or Vagina, the sex organs are in bloom. The trigger for the so-called Genital Herpes of the HSV-2.

Dangerous it is, if the virus can eye. Then, it can lead to visual impairment and even to blindness. Even more dramatic is when the herpes virus penetration into the brain and there is an inflammation trigger.

HHV-3: varicella-Zoster Virus – the first chicken pox, then shingles

The pathogens from the group of herpes virus causes in humans, chicken pox and shingles (Herpes zoster). At the time of initial infection, it comes to the classic children’s disease is chickenpox. In the case of a reactivation of the Virus in adulthood, you suffer from the pain of shingles. In the process, skin and nerves to be attacked, primarily around the waist.

Treatment with antiviral drugs should begin in the first two days after the Occurrence of the typical bubbles on the skin. Also the pain must be alleviated.

HHV-3 is the only herpes virus, against which vaccination is possible. However, this is true of smallpox, only for the wind.

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HHV-4: Epstein-Barr Virus to blame for the Pfeiffer’s glandular fever

The Epstein-Barr Virus belongs to the family of herpes viruses. It affects the B-lymphocytes of the immune system and remains typical of Herpes for life in the body. In stressful situations it can be always re-active. Then you get no automatic right to glandular fever, but it is in this Phase for other contagious.

In the English language is refers to the glandular fever also known as “Kissing Fever”, since it is exclusively transmitted through saliva from person to person – for example, Kissing. Worldwide, approximately 95 percent of the people infected, up to 30. The age of the Virus.

The infectious disease affects mainly young adults. Often athletes suffer, the to challenge your body and your immune system extremely.

Against this disease is currently being developed, vaccination: An empty virus shell to trick the immune system to an infection. Then the real pathogens to come, you can respond to the body’s immune system immediately, and the lengthy and power-consuming glandular fever prevent.

HHV-5: cytomegalovirus can Unborn damage

Even if the Name is less well known – the cytomegalovirus is widespread: 70% of the people in industrialized countries wear it. The Transfer occurs as a droplet or smear infection via body fluids from saliva to semen.

From the initial infection, people with an intact immune system. The Virus is in adults active again, are only at risk people with a weak immune system. In the case of a cancer therapy or after a transplant, the infection can be deadly.

Up to 40 percent, plug in the mother’s womb. One of ten of these babies can come with disabilities to the world: hearing impairment, low birth weight, and even mental or physical disabilities.

HHV-6 – the most dangerous representatives of the herpes virus family

Human herpes virus 6 can cause the most damage. It is distributed worldwide and remains, like all of the Herpes virus for life in your body. Probably diseases it contributes to the development of autoimmune.

At the harmless, the Virus is most as the trigger of the “Three-day fever” in infants. On a usually three-day high fever that may be associated with febrile seizures, followed by a sudden onset of skin rash that lasts for also three days. But he has no Resemblance to the vesicles due to Herpes Simplex virus.

Virologists at the University of Würzburg have found in patients with bipolar disorders and depression, an increased number of HHV 6, as well as an active inflammatory response, and in the cerebellum. Their study suggests that the HHV-6 virus nerve cells to infect in the brain and in this way, cognitive disorders cause, in turn, lead to mood disorders.

It seems to be a connection between this type of virus and Alzheimer’s disease. Then, a further herpes virus type HHV-7 are involved. And it is not yet clear whether the viruses are a cause of or a result of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München have Recently identified components of HHV-6 in certain cells of the immune system can attack. An outbreak of the Virus could possibly be prevented by administered to patients HHV-6-specific Killer T-cells. So far it is not, however, a long time ago.