School backpacks do not harm the spine of children

Many parents of schoolchildren, relax backpack does not harm children’s backs. Even if they have a lot of textbooks and notebooks.

By the beginning of the school year, millions of parents bought their children new backpacks. But many dads and moms often worry about what a heavy school backpack can damage a child’s spine. Under the weight of such containers children will be more likely to bend, which can cause curvature of the spine or back pain. These concerns successfully kapitaliserede some manufacturers of backpacks that produce “orthopedic” model. However, scientists from Brock University of Ontario in Canada say that parents don’t have to worry, and to purchase more costly orthopedic backpacks also should not be, because science in General is no evidence that the backpack could hurt your spine.

As long as the parents teach the child how to carry the backpack, which is to use both straps instead of leaving it hang on one shoulder, it promotes proper weight distribution throughout the body so that the spine of the child will not suffer. But if he starts wearing a bag or briefcase over one shoulder, in this case, curvature of the spine, and pain in the back is very likely. As for the “orthopedic” backpacks, this is a special marketing ploy that is not based on any serious research. Their manufacturers simply try to earn more.

“Imagine a nurse, which every day have to endure hundreds of patients over a long career, that the cumulative effect of loads on the spine will lead to damage and pain – say the researchers. Therefore back pain the nurse is the professional. For comparison, children are more strong and sustainable. Even if they have fatigue from wearing backpacks, they are very quickly restored. In addition, if the load is distributed across the body, and the child uses two straps on two shoulders, then the risk is kept to an absolute minimum.” (READ MORE)