4 unusual causes of excessive weight

Scientists from Harvard medical school carried out a study which showed that the increase in extra pounds can affect not only the calories eaten. Scientists said: the emergence of excess weight can be attributed to the use of nonstick coated cookware, detergents, water-repellent fabrics, and also some personal care products.

Specifically, overweight researchers have linked chemicals, which is politially connection. These substances have the ability to penetrate the human body and accumulate in its tissues for a long time. Under the action of these chemical substances may have different metabolic disorders that trigger slowing of metabolism, increased growth of adipose tissue, and thyroid disease, said the authors.

Before making this conclusion, specialists for 15 years watched over 950 volunteers who have had problems with increased sugar and excess weight. The subjects were divided into groups: some of them followed the diet part actively trained, part led an ordinary existence with no diet and sports.

In the experiment, people have proveemos blood politially substances. The result was that the higher was the level data of the compounds in human blood, the more intense was their growth overweight. To avoid this fate could only those who are intensely involved in sports.

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