The Golden rule of losing weight that no one knows

There is one aspect that is more important than diet and exercise, if you want to get rid of excess weight. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from Bond University in Australia.

Traditionally, getting rid of excess weight is based on the formula of two components – exercise and diet. But, it turns out, there is another very important aspect of the victory over unwanted volumes. Australian researchers found that the integration of healthy habits into lifestyle not only helps to get rid of excess weight, but also maintains performance and, therefore, protects the slender figure. These conclusions were made after observing 75 people who are overweight or obese.

All participants were divided into three groups. The first followed the program that promoted the rejection of old habits, the second is the acquisition of new habits, and the third was the control group. The group focused on rejection of old habits, coming in every day text messages with those or other tasks. Among them was the recommendation to go to a job or to participate in any charity event. In the second group recommended to follow the 10 rules of a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Among them was planning and self-control. By the end of the observation period of 12 weeks, both groups lost an average of 3.1 kg, and after 12 months another 2.1 kg.

Participants in the second group ate more fruits and vegetables, often involved in sports and in General felt better. But most importantly, in this group the results achieved in the fight against excess weight was maintained over time, that is the lost weight doesn’t come back. Researchers call this the key to the success of small changes in lifestyle that need to be implemented smoothly. For example, setting a strict schedule for eating or 10,000 steps daily. (READ MORE)