Men with tumors of the prostate will eliminate the operations and chemistry

Scientists have made a discovery that could save tens of thousands of men from unnecessary surgery and radiation. We are talking about a simple blood test for cancer of the prostate.

Millions of men faced with prostate cancer, which is the second after lung cancer most common malignant tumor in men. However, there is the tumor aggressive and in need of a fast and the same aggressive treatment, but there are tumors that will grow very slowly and will not have time to do anything abnormal to the patient. Statistics show that 60% of men older than 80, died of natural causes, had prostate cancers that did nothing with their health. It is therefore important to understand what sort of cancer discovered in men, and whether he required surgery and radiation.

It is especially important that this kind of treatment is very sensitive for the stronger sex. It sometimes ends with the development of impotence or problems with erections or urination. Until recently, scientists and doctors were quick and reliable method for determining the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. And now they have discovered a gene on the basis of which one can accurately predict how dangerous a tumor. This analysis will allow physicians to choose the best course of treatment and to quickly separate those who need emergency therapy.

Scientists have found that men with prostate cancer, have an active version of the gene, called ANO7, 18 times more likely to die from the disease. This means that they are in urgent need of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Moreover, researchers have developed a simple blood testby which to determine what version of this gene a of the patient. (READ MORE)