Back pain? It’s time to quit Smoking!

Too heavy bag. Intense exercise in the gym. Uncomfortable chair in the office. Constant sitting behind a computer. And just a “bad move”. How many different reasons we find to explain why my back hurts. And doctors and add another one. It is established that an adverse impact on the condition of the spine has a Smoking. So want to have held back? Quit Smoking!

Tobacco – the enemy of the intervertebral discs

A few years ago, Chinese scientists conducted the study on mice. They subjected the animals to the exposure to tobacco smoke, imitating a regular Smoking (4 cigarettes a day 5 days a week for six months). After this period, the “Smoking” studied the composition of the intervertebral cartilage of mice. It turned out that the content of proteoglycans (components, providing the flexibility and elasticity of the disc) was only 63% of normal. Significantly decreased the synthesis of new proteoglycans and collagen – almost twice.

At the same time, the researchers noted\\that the “Smoking” mice is almost two times accelerated the process of cellular aging.

All this has led to the unequivocal conclusion: Smoking adversely affects the condition of the intervertebral discs, and thus leads to pain.

Smoking affects the blood vessels

The dependence of the degree of back pain from Smoking revealed a few years ago the American scientists. At Emory University (Atlanta) doctors examined the CT scan results 182 patients. A third, 34% of them were smokers. The CT evaluated the status of each of the intervertebral disc and spine in General. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that the condition of the spine in smokers was worse, and the degree of osteoarthritis is higher.

This is not only the fact that impaired synthesis of substances that make up the cartilage of the intervertebral disc. Smoking also affects the microcirculation, causing a spasm of blood vessels and capillaries. So, the intervertebral discs are not getting enough nutrition, the process of degeneration is accelerated.

Smoking reduces bone density

Nicotine is harmful to bone health. The normal processes of destruction and formation of bone are constant, and the balance of these processes allows the bones to retain strength. Smoking shifts the equilibrium in the direction of destruction of the bone, so the effect on the cells, the osteocytes, forming the basis of bone tissue. The result of the bone substance loses density, acquires a structure resembling a sponge.

Osteoporosis, or decreasing bone density in the spine leads to deformation of the bodies of the vertebrae themselves. So, there are various pinched nerves, which leads to constant back pain.

Smoking as a risk factor for developing arthritis

Nicotine adversely affects not only bone and cartilage. Smoking is one of the important precipitating factors of rheumatoid arthritis is a serious joint disease that not only causes pain, but also severely limits the mobility of the person.

Three years ago scientists from Sweden conducted a survey of 1 200 people who are already diagnosed with “rheumatoid arthritis” and 900 healthy people. Established the following relationship: those people who for 20 years has smoked 20 cigarettes a day (and this is the “norm” for many smokers with the experience), 2.5 times more often faced with the most severe form of rheumatoid arthritis. In General, Smoking triggers up to 20% of all cases of this disease.

So our call to quit Smoking if back pain has reason. And yet, according to a new study, Smoking causes the fullness. You thought otherwise? Read about it in our article.