I’m afraid that he may have been afraid of me: women tell why they have no more Sex

Just don’t feel like a headache – or is it something else behind it? When the wife wants no Sex more, the man is often at a loss. Now women have set out to “Whisper” their reasons – and many are likely to be for the Partner of a shock.

Whisper is a kind of anonymous Social Media, on the image posts can be published. Some women reported there now, why would you want to have Sex with their partners. Lack of desire is in the rarest of cases, the cause!

One woman wrote, for example: I avoid Sex sometimes because I questions afraid, what I really want to. I’m afraid that he may have been afraid of me.

Another woman says: I’m always looking for an excuse to avoid Sex because I naked’m not comfortable with.

I feel like a disappointment

A third woman, it seems to be a lack of self-consciousness: I feel like a disappointment in bed, so I avoid Sex and come to think of talk me out of it, once it goes in the direction of. I wish I could be more self-confident.

A fourth contribution was to the friend: My friend is the nicest person, but I just feel attracted to him. So I avoid the Sex. I feel terrible.

Too rough, too thick, too lazy

A fifth woman has a justification, which is quite worrying: My boyfriend is too rough with me in bed. So I try to avoid the Sex.

Another said: I avoid Sex with my boyfriend, because I’ve gained something over the years. He still thinks I’m beautiful, but I hate the look when he thinks I’m looking.

A seventh woman has a simple explanation: Sometimes, I try to avoid the Sex, because I don’t want to shave my legs. Laziness at its best.

Many women avoid sexual intercourse, because a much bigger Problem behind it. No woman of her body, ashamed of, or afraid to communicate your desires openly. The Partner will thank you for it!