You have a 5-year-old child: Now the mother wants to be a husband and the father of a woman

Actually, a woman, and Louise is Nikki a man. The two have a son together, you have as a woman and a man conceived. However, the family, gender roles change drastically. So want to have Nikki now to the man, and Louise, a woman umoperieren. Her son, who is baptized in the name of the Star Cloud, has been in the family a role!

Nikki and Louise Draven felt for a long time already with your gender and have decided that you want to have the both of you to the other sex umoperieren. Their son, with the name of the Star Cloud, it is called his birth mom, “dad” and his father “Mama,” as the Mirror reported.

Your swapped rolls pull the 31-Year-old and the 32-Year-old for years. Now you want to make your transformation perfect and by an Operation permanently in the other gender transform.

I was never happy about it, to get Breasts

The first OP to make Louise to be your wife, is scheduled for the coming December. “Of course, I doubt permanently. But that’s part of the Transformation. No one searches for his feelings,“ said the 32-Year-old to Mirror. “I started my transformation in 2011, but some things, especially my weight, held me back.”

Nikki called as a man, Charlie, told the news portal: “I felt as a woman-never comfortable, but it has taken some time to admit it.” Further, she reported: “I was never happy about it, to have my period or Breasts. It felt all wrong.“ So you have to ask yourself emotionally behind and stated: “Actually, I always wanted to be a man.” Some time she moved, then, between women’s and men’s clothes, but at some point you decided that you would like to be seen as a man.

The son is raised as a gender-neutral Person

The 5-year-old son of the couple has been in the family a very special role. The parents do not want to raise him to a certain gender, he may not want to have. Therefore, the Star Cloud is considered to be gender-neutral Person. According to his parents, he would feel so very comfortable and happy.

The parents hope to have their desired body is reached, when the Star Cloud is 10 years old. Nevertheless, both to give, to have fear, what will be the impact of your Transformation on your child. Louise told the Mirror: “All parents Worry. But the Operation, Charlie and I will feel us as individuals completely and as a result, much happier.“ They would wait until the Star Cloud would be older, would he be with parents who feel incomplete.