A simple way to delay the onset of old age

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin came to the conclusion that the attitude towards age affects the human condition – optimistic in this regard attitude helps to push back the onset of old age.

The researchers monitored the patients, focusing on parameters such as emotional state of the participants, health status, and take people drugs. In result, scientists have concluded that a positive mood helps prevent a number of diseases specific to the elderly age.

This conclusion coincides with the findings of scientists from the American psychological Association, made after studying cases of hospitalization of several thousand patients with age от24до102лет. American experts have found that people who feel older Listerine, in fact, be more prone to”age” violations of organisme and have на25% more likely to get bolnitsu.

This time researchers from Dublin said that the negative attitude to age-related changes in itself can accelerate the onset of aging.

“Negative attitude of the authorities refuse to work in full force, and diseases develop much freer,” said the authors of the project.
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