Scientists announced the drugs that prolong life

A group of scientists from the University of Minnesota were able to prove the efficiency of initiating cell death drugs of Sinaiticus in the fight against aging, reports MedicalXpress.

Experts have found that a mixture of flavonoid of quercetin and anticancer drug dasatinib (both drugs belong to sinaiticum) promotes the selective destruction of cells, which are senile phenotype. The mixture also reduces caused by cytokines senile cells inflammation.

The use of drugs by 65% reduced risk of premature death of rodents. In mice transplanted with old cells sinaiticum therapy increased survival by 36%.

Scientists believe that they were able to find a drug that can prolong life. In the future, they hope to confirm the effectiveness of Sinaiticus in the fight against aging people.

Meanwhile, the doctors emphasize that the use of any medication without consultation with a specialist should not be.