The risk of death depends on the body mass

Scientists at the University of Bristol published in the journal Obesity data conducted their study in which they studied the relationship between body weight and mortality. Such a relationship with the specialists really discovered she was straight.

The more people, the greater the chance that it will be overtaken by premature death.

“Every 5 kg/m? above standard body mass index increase the chance of death from various diseases”, – such conclusion was made by researchers who have used the sample of 500 thousand people.
The optimal BMI, the authors consider 25 kg/m?. The average increase in this index for every five units in the formula above increased the risk of death by 16 percent. If the weight of ROS in the presence of cardiovascular complications in humans, the risk of death increased for up to 40 percent, and chronic disorders of the liver and diabetes – up to 60 percent.

According to the authors, “these figures clearly show why it is necessary to monitor the body mass index”.

But not only large weight – the high growth of the people, as it turned out, also may hide a threat to life. Magicforum wrote about the fact that high growth may indicate a predisposition to developing certain types of cancer.