The Ministry comment on reports of a rise in infant mortality

Some time ago the chamber was informed about the incident over year growth of infant mortality in the regions with built perinatal centres. The Ministry of health of Russia said about the incorrect conclusions stated in the report of the accounting chamber.

According to the chamber, the increase in infant mortality rates occurred in regions with built perinatal centres in the period of 2016-2017 years: in particular, in Kabardino-Balkaria it increased by 3.8 percent, in Samara region – 4.8%, in the Tambov region – 14.3%, in the Kaluga region – by 23.1%, in Chelyabinsk region – 26 percent, in Nizhny Novgorod region – by 37.2%, in the Republic of Khakassia – by 31 percent.

The Ministry of health responded to a report about the growth of infant mortality. The Ministry noted that the infant mortality did not speak about the fact increase mortality.

The infant mortality rate (1 case per 1000 live births) in Russia is calculated on a monthly basis. Worldwide the figure is estimated only for the year. The Ministry of health believes that to talk about the increase of infant mortality in the country only on the increase in this indicator properly.

“The indicator increased by reducing the number of children born,” explained Ministry employees.
The health Ministry stressed that the absolute number of deaths of children in some of the regions just decreased.

“In four of the nine specified in the address regions, the infant mortality rate, despite a slight increase, remains well below the national average”, – stated in the Ministry of health.
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