So the Anti-Baby-pill manipulates Your love life

Pain during Sex, no sexual Desire – with these side-effects must live a lot of women, if you are preventing with the pill. Your sex life is affected by the pill literally. You go off the pill, then, can change a lot – also in terms of the relationship.

In addition to physical ailments such as bad skin, hair loss, PMS, or menstrual pain, may change after the Discontinuation of the pill the Craving for your own Partner. The influence of the pill on the love life is actually so great? They manipulated even the choice of a partner?

Manipulation of the sense of smell

Research results show quite clearly that The pill affected in fact by a Manipulation of the sense of smell, our choice of a partner. In a study of women in two basic stages. To be present at the beginning of the study, the subjects not on the pill. They had to smell worn T-Shirts of six men, and to rate how attractive they found the smell. Three months later, the women ran the same test scenario, now, however, taking the Anti-Baby-pill. The result: In the first test phase, the women rated the T-Shirts is very different than in the second Phase. What had happened?

In our skin cells HLA-molecules (Human Leukocyte Antigen) to the immune system and the emergence of body odor is responsible. In the normal case, the person or the immune system finds the molecules, which have a different structure than your own. This is from an evolutionary point of view also makes sense, because the offspring is provided with the best possible genetic mix of different molecules.

About the guest author

Sina Hochleutner is the author of the blog “Generation pill”. Together with Isabel Morelli she writes, among other things, the Anti-Baby-pill.

The information exchange of the molecules between two people occurs through the release of so-called pheromones. These are substances emitted by a person and another person of certain reactions. The choice of a partner is a biochemical process that makes sure that the potential Partner fits in with our DNA so that our offspring will be strong and sturdy. It is on both sides: Not only women can ‘sniff’ your men, but also Vice versa. By the way: The subjects of the above-mentioned study preferred taking the pill, the men that had similar HLA profile.

The impact of the pill on the natural cycle

With taking the pill, the natural cycle of the woman is stopped, and even downright replaced. Now, the synthetic hormones rule. Therefore, there is no cycle phases, no Ovulations, and no natural selection process. By the ingredients of the contraceptive pill, a woman not only changed their own body odor, it also takes in the scent of her potential male sexual partner differently than without the pill. The scent of the skin is actually a determining factor in whether you fit together well.

Complicating something doesn’t add to what many women are not aware of: The body’s own progesterone, which is normally formed after each ovulation, in addition to the testosterone responsible for ensuring that women are courageous, confident, adventurous, independent, and up and running. There is a lack of these hormones, they can be insecure, clingy, and anxious.

The pill under the character expresses properties

If you now consider that the pill suppresses the ovulation, so no progesterone can be formed, and on the other, some pill varieties, the production of Androgens, i.e., testosterone, inhibit, then it becomes clear why many women experience under-taking the pill a change.

After Discontinuation of the pill the natural hormones are formed, and the oppressed character traits come to the fore. Basically, it is a very positive change. More courage, more Motivation, however, can also cause, that the previous life decisions, or even the choice of a partner to be reconsidered.

The partners “can’t smell”

On our Blog “- Generation-pill”, we hear very often that women can no longer smell it after Stopping the pill your Partner””. Many are longing so much to lead her own independent life, that they make the relationship with your Partner, or even quit. Women who have met their partners, without in this period of time the pill is taken, this is happening less frequently. On the contrary, These women are more likely to report that after Stopping the pill, their Libido returned, and, thus, the Desire for Sex and the sexual experience has significantly improved.