What can you do in the event of a Blockade of the ISG

A blockage of the sacroiliac joint is often pain is a trigger for back. Exercises or heat often help to loosen this blockage. In the case of persistent complaints, there is no way around, but mostly to a SURGERY.

Lightning-like stitches or continuous Pull – blockages can cause unpleasant back pain. Most people think these sudden complaints immediately to a herniated disc. However, pain point and source of origin are not always identical. Because the cause of the symptoms, pointing especially to problems with the intervertebral discs, need not necessarily be set with the small shock absorbers in the back, but rather can also come from the hip. Concrete: from the sacroiliac joint.

Unstable Interface

As an important link between the lower part of the spine and the blade-shaped Ilium of the pelvis, the sacroiliac joint, short-ISG maintains, a day enormous loads. In contrast to classical ball such as in arms or legs, it is a joints, the ISG, however, a flat joint column with a lesser range of motion. Often also called sacroiliac joint referred to, the ISG, as a kind of buffer zone is an important stabilizing function, similar to an intervertebral disc, by absorb the forces acting to the spine forwards.

In some cases, the sacroiliac joint, however, painful difficulties. So may, under circumstances already been a careless step into the Void, the construct will falter. Similarly, poor posture, leg length differences, or athletic over-charge and rheumatic changes as possible triggers are to apply permanently. You can bring ligaments, Tendons and muscles out of balance and lead to instability of the sacroiliac joint, the angle and painful blocks.

Common Symptoms

Sufferers report a classic way of deep-seated discomfort just above the buttocks or a persistent pain that start deep in the hip joint and into the leg of emitting ends. Especially when changing from Sitting to Standing, from Lying down in the upright Position or when Bending over, Lifting, and leg wear to be Concerned, to feel the uncomfortable Pull in the connection of the intestine and the sacrum. Often acute symptoms place, as the body compensates for light imbalances. However, over time, the ISG is subject to the consequences of a permanent imbalance.

To The Person

ISG expert and iFuse-user Michael-width fields is a medical specialist in orthopedics (chiropractic) and as head of the German spine society of certified spine center at St. Marienkrankenhaus in Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

Independently ISG blockages

In light of the complaints Concerned can create with physical exercise self-remedy. Doctors advise in these cases, mainly to activities such as Jogging, Swimming, Cycling or long walks. By this slight movement types painful blockages, and patients to solve often also strengthen your muscles in the pelvic area.

Self-mobilization for the home

To support the little movable Sacro-iliac joint, in addition, have Affected home on special Exercises:

In a straight Position on his back, arms to the side to stretch out, so that the palms face up. The foot of the right leg at the height of the left knee joint Park and from the waist down to the left. Trying to leave the shoulders on the floor. Now with the left Hand on the right knee grip and gently side in the direction of the floor press. Head to the right side of the turn and the stretch for about 20 seconds. Then the Exercise with the left leg perform and, if possible, repeat daily.

The relief of ISG-Blockade through light therapies

The joint will not loosen blockages, after a few weeks without active influence, engage specially trained physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors or osteopaths to the so-called manual therapy. In this treatment, press and specialists to stretch the joint to its original Position, in order to give patients relief.

Heat plasters or ointments, infrared lamps, as well as grains of pillows on the rain in addition, the blood circulation to the stressed muscles relaxed. Then medical doctors using pain to try breast drugs to restore the normal gait, since the patients are taking pain is often a false attitude. However, neither heat measures will help in the case of particularly severe blockages of the relevant drugs.

Remedy in case of heavy jamming

To resistant Joint blocks to get a grip, go to doctors more, therefore, a step. Under x-ray guidance they inject a local anesthetic into the ligaments or the joint column, so that the pain receptors in the short term turned off to allow pain-free movement. The nerve sclerotherapy is an effective way to give the Affected relief. In the case of these Doctors, under local anesthesia, a thin probe directly to the irritated nerve and interrupt the heat of the forwarding agonizing pulses. The procedure relieves symptoms for up to a year.

Permanent Freedom Of Symptoms

All conservative measures, however, remain ineffective, pull doctors surgery into consideration. Previously, the stiffening of the claimed segment with rigid screw systems for the treatment concept. Nowadays, patients benefit from the possibilities of modern surgery, and can stabilize the body by means of special triangle-implants made of titanium joint-like connection gently.

In a 30-minute keyhole surgery, doctors place the small implants in the connection between the intestine and the sacrum. Due to the triangular shape and porous surface texture of the titanium is a cure swab quickly and coalescence with the surrounding bone, which leads to a steady reduction in pain. Within a few weeks of patient pain, return-free in your life as usual. Both statutory and private health insurances cover the costs for this treatment.