Treatment of bipolar disorder is difficult, but medications and therapies can help

The treatment of bipolar disorders requires not only a phase-dependent medication that stabilizes the mood. In addition, various psycho have proven therapeutic approaches.

Bipolar disorder: psychotropic drugs remain indispensable

Without the appropriate medicines, neither the manic nor depressive mood bipolar disorder can be stabilized, even in stable phases of a relapse can threaten. In acute manic periods are usually prescribed antipsychotic drugs. Shield the Affected a bit and dampen the euphoria. In contrast, the antidepressants block in the depressive Phase, the Serotonin Transporter to increase Serotonin levels and lighten the mood. In bipolar disorder, combinations of antidepressants and atypical neuroleptics or mood stabilizers are recommended in order to keep the Balance and avoid Tipping over into mania. The Affected are well adjusted, can be stabilized, the mood in the long term.

Difficult to treat mixed episodes, depressive and manic symptoms occur almost at the same time, the respective drugs must be taken in parallel. An important role in the prevention of relapse, which can be supported, for example with anti-epileptic drugs. The selection of antiepileptic drugs aims at the prevention of depressive phases, but can also bind mania. The right medication can only be made on the basis of the individual symptoms: It is, therefore, which phases predominate. The identification of the medication, as well as the subsequent therapy should be done only under the accompanying supervision of an appropriately trained physician.

About the expert

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Psychotherapy, to the accompaniment of medication and relapse prevention

Some therapy forms in question in order to facilitate on the one hand, dealing with the own disease, to speed up the recovery, and a relapse as far as possible to delay. In Addition, it comes to learn, with the disease and one’s own life accordingly. Have proven to be effective

  • the family-oriented therapy
  • interpersonal and social rhythm therapy
  • the cognitive behavior therapy
  • the Psycho-education as group therapy

In particular, after a depressive or manic Phase, Affected the love require full accompaniment. The victims and their social environment can find faster and better with a possible relapse prepare.

Detailed Information about the disease itself is important – both to the patients as well as the members benefit. To know how the disease occurs and what symptoms to view the respective Phase, helps to develop appropriate strategies to cope with crises. In addition, the patients learn to deal with Stress, your life total to make a regular and balanced, and your medication consistently.

Psychotherapy as phase-dependent

The psychotherapy in the depressive Phase is similar in principle to the treatment of Depression: The Affected be supported to develop a regular daily routine, and abide by, but also to be active and pleasant things. The Questioning of negative thoughts, as well as the Fostering of social contacts. And yet, the therapist must always keep in mind that the mood can turn at any time, but the depressive Phase also can worsen. The manic Phase occurs relatively quickly – and can hardly be psychological. Here must first provide medication for stabilization, often enough, a hospital stay is required. The Situation is different in a hypomanic, a weakened Form of the manic Phase. In this case, the psychotherapy can be continued in order to support the stabilization.

Bipolar disorder to take seriously

These lightly as a roller coaster ride of emotions, to be referred to disease is extremely complex – it is also difficult to successful treatment. The Affected to speak differently to the individual medications and therapy approaches in order to professional medical and therapeutic support is necessary. Often very good results can be achieved.