What would happen if every day to eat a chocolate bar

What happens to a man who every day consume one chocolate bar? Many people believe that this bait is clearly harmful to health, and many are convinced that it is very useful.

Every year there are more studies that chocolate is useful for health. Let’s start with the most obvious of its advantages like the fact that it raises the mood. Indeed, the use of chocolate stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain, and thus we can even fight depression. It is no coincidence that many women facing divorce or other painful emotional events in life, tried to “seize” the chocolate mountain. In chocolate there are essential oils and flavonoids, which protect against the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

This treat good for your heart and blood vessels, but it contains many antioxidants for fighting free radicals and thus protect from cancer. Chocolate is good for the nervous system, it effectively reduces the risk of colds and improves digestion and also helps women deal with PMS symptoms. So, does all of the above that we need every day to eat at least a bar of chocolate?

No, because chocolate contains TRANS fats, which in large quantities is harmful to health, and a lot of calories. Man every day you need to eat a certain amount of calories, and the effect of satiety after eating chocolate will disappear quickly. Because of this, there is a risk of overeating and the addition of excess weight. Besides, chocolate is full of sugar which is harmful for teeth. Sugar in the diet is generally recommended to limit. Finally, chocolate is a stimulant because it contains caffeine. And most importantly, most beneficial to health is the dark bitter chocolate, although the vast majority of people prefer milk and honey. So you can benefit from chocolate, but only if you eat more than a few slices of dark chocolate a day. (READ MORE)