Vaginal tightening: expert explains which methods are suitable

Minimally invasive beauty with Laser or radio frequency is a rejuvenation of the intimate aesthetics, sexual performance and help with incontinence promise treatments quickly and easily. But keep the Vaginal rejuvenation by Laser or radio frequency is really what it promises? A doctor explained.

To consult in case of problems in the genital area of a specialist who is Concerned is typically a big step. Because it is still a taboo subject. There are various reasons, why women with the desire to have a vaginal rejuvenation to come in my office hours.

When patients want to change your Vulva purely from the aesthetic point of view, this is often with the Trend of the full shave. Because of The enlarged inner lips then come clearly to light, and many find disturbing.

About the expert

Jens Altmann is senior physician of the Bodensee clinic.

In one Operation, the inner labia are reduced in size so that they are flush with the outer labia and the whole genital area looks young again.

Another part of the patients who are struggling with health problems. On the basis of age, severe weight fluctuations, as well as after the birth of tissues in the genital area often have weaknesses. Through a dilated vaginal opening, or extended labia which Affected not only feel uncomfortable, it can also lead to Stress and / or stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

New methods of radio frequency and laser technology

While earlier, only a surgery for Vaginal rejuvenation was out of the question, today, new methods in radio frequency and laser technology, in order to regenerate different tissue areas of the vagina. In the case of the radio-frequency treatment, there is a Gewebserwärmung the deep Tissue layers due to the specific wave lengths of the radio frequency. By the action of heat it comes to the formation of Oedema in the treated Gewebsareal, associated with specific inflammatory processes, which are converted into repair processes.

The principle of Vaginal rejuvenation by Laser is very similar. The Laser produces minimal injury, which would cause the fabric to self-healing, toning, and development of new mucous membrane is stimulated. The virtually pain-free treatments can be on an outpatient basis and is usually performed without any anesthetic.

Currently, the Central health authority of the American Ministry of health (FDA) warns against the use of energy-based treatment methods, as it can lead to difficult complications, such as burns or scars in the vaginal area, pain during sexual intercourse and chronic pain.

Surgery in General anesthesia in patients with marked widening

For a vaginal tightening various treatments are on offer, depending on the expression. In the case of strong Found a a is vaginal plastic advisable. The front is vaginal vault surgically in General anesthesia gathered. The Same is, in some cases, also for the rear Scheidengewöbe necessary, namely, when the intestine bulges out into the vagina. Both inevitably leads to a narrowing of the vagina.

The Operation usually takes no longer than half an hour. Since only a minimum is made seamless, and can leave the patient the next day to the clinic and after eight days the wound is healed. The cost of treatment amount to approximately 2000 Euro.

Hyaluronic acid at a moderate widening of the Vagina

If only a moderate widening of the Vagina, there is also the possibility of a narrowing by a lining of the vaginal canal with hyaluronic acid. This procedure is particularly gentle, leaves no scars and can be performed with local anesthesia in outpatient treatment. To note is that the hyaluronic acid is reabsorbed with time and after 8 to 16 months a re-injection is required, the narrowing effect to maintain.

Affected women should be advised in advance in detail by the attending gynaecologists in the surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment – in particular with regard to the possible risks and complications.

Similarly, further studies will show the extent to which suitable treatment options by means of Laser or radio frequency to be used in the vaginal Gewebserschlaffung used.