Cats can be treated – or is it?

Claims that living near humans cat have a positive effect on his health, very much, but do they correspond to reality? Here is what says about this science.

According to the research experts at the University of California, on the human body in a certain way is affected by the rumbling of the cats that these animals produce a very large range, from extremely low 25 Hz to loud at 150 Hz. Although to our ears the sounds of these frequencies in General are insignificant, their effect is nevertheless present, and is expressed in the influence of vibrations from a cat’s rumbling.

Sports medicine uses the stimulation of the vibrations at low frequencies to relieve athletes of pain and for quick healing of ligaments and tissues. Vibrations accelerate regeneration after receiving wounds, and increase bone density. Therefore, scientists seriously admit that “socializing” with the cats accelerates recovery after surgery.

An experiment was conducted with the participation of 20 people who were shown images of cats, and were allowed to listen to a recording of the purring and rumbling. The results of these tests were as follows. The people who listened to cat’s rumbling, normalized all the indicators which were being monitored by scientists, and above all, parameters of arterial pressure. It was found that during non-critical elevated pressures (up to 130) due to the rumbling of cats, it went down without taking medications.

“The person who is next to purring cat, quickly reaches healthy settings, the tone of cerebral arteries. Also rumbling helps to fight with stress, often being the main reason for that develop heart disease and blood vessels,” stated the experts.
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