You forget the 2-Liter rule. As much you should drink really

Those who stick slavishly to the 2-litre rule, can not harm his body. Because some people need less, others more water. What are the indicative values are correct, and which factors determine their requirements for water.

“Have a drink” and “Have you been drinking what?” to get people to take seemingly too little water, your environment constantly. The calls are well-intentioned: those who drink little to damage his kidneys, the memory performance weaknesses, and the early wrinkles get, so often read.

More drinking, not more

Fact: Adequate hydration is important for all the organs and tissues in the body. But not for all people, the 2-Liter rule. On the contrary, Who must force yourself to get this lot together, although he has a lot less thirst, you have to expect problems. Because Drink of the thirst, in addition to certain mineral can allow substances in the blood to fall. Especially if the sodium level falls, threatening Nausea, cramps and even fainting, as the result of a study by the Monash University.

Kidney benefit not to drink very much

Drink more than the natural feeling of thirst dictates, brings about even people with kidney weakness, nothing. You have been previously advised always to drink as much as possible, to flush the kidneys well. However, they do not benefit from this advice: A recent study with over 600 patients who suffered from chronic kidney failure, showed that her kidney values after a year of increased fluid intake were better than before the start of this test.

Feeling of thirst decides

But how is it at all possible to determine whether the 2-litre rule for a applies or not? It is important to listen to your own feeling of thirst and to drink without thirst, to force to Drink.

1.5 liters of liquid and less may be sufficient

The German society for nutrition also holds nothing of the strict requirement to have a minimum of two liters daily drinking. It recommends that one and a half liters. “A little less than this guideline value of 1.5 litres of drink is also Healthy and safe,” says Antje Gahl, spokesperson for the German nutrition society DGE. And there are even people who get along with only a Liter of good – permanently the amount of drink should not be so low.

Water lot of nonsense is

To count each glass of water is not correct. Yet, because there are a lot of “fixed thirst-quenching”, i.e., a high water-containing food, such as

  • Tomatoes,

  • Cucumbers,

  • Melons,

and the one barely in his daily fluid balance with.

If the feeling of thirst is lying

In addition, however, there are also people, who have little thirst, such as the elderly. Others do not develop an increased feeling of thirst, although their demand is so high. This is about diseases such as Diabetes. These groups of people may not keep to the advice “Drink when thirsty”.

Fluid requirements may increase under these circumstances, triple

For everyone, healthy, sick, young or old, however, Certain circumstances increase the need for liquid solid and usually more thirsty. This is always the case, if you lose a lot of sweat, so in hot weather, during sports and everything that exerts the body. Yes, even during a test, the sweat production increases. The normal daily fluid loss of the body, caused by urine, faeces, sweat and exhaled air is increased in this way.

But even those who were sick, such as fever, diarrhea or vomiting, it loses a lot of fluid. “Each of these factors can make the liquid up to three-fold increase,” says the diploma-Oekotrophologin.

What is best to drink?

This fluid loss should be compensated. This mineral water is a thirst quencher number one. But also juice Fruit with one part and two Parts water is recommended. Alcohol-free beer after sports is also ideal, but can make because of its hop content, a little tired. By the way, coffee was allowed to be always regarded as “liquid robber” and therefore not for the daily drinking amount expected is quite valuable in order to increase the daily balance of the amount they drink. However, he is regarded because of its caffeine content, and not a thirst quencher, but rather a source of enjoyment.

Conclusion: Strict drinking rules, such as the 2-litre rule, are obsolete. To be on the safe side of Healthy, if you listen to your thirst, not to Drink, forcing your daily amount of drinking to keep just a little in the eye.

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