By 2030 in the UK may not remain smokers

By 2030, in UK should not remain a single smoker. Authorities urged supporters of this bad habit to kill it during the next 12 years.

All the smokers of England needs to quit his bad habit until 2030, as experts warn. The head of the Fund of obligatory medical insurance Public Health England Duncan Selby urged the country 12 years to finally give up Smoking. He believes that the exclusion of cigarettes from the life of English will allow its Fund to save 900 million pounds per year and prevent thousands of premature deaths.

Today in England there are more than 6 million smokers, this habit is the leading cause of cancer, it is responsible for about 15% of all malignant tumors. Selby is convinced that any smoker who expresses a desire to end a bad habit, needs to get professional help. In his opinion, Smoking is not a way of life, and harmful addiction that needs medical treatment like a drug addiction or alcoholism. Not so long ago statistics showed that 10% of all English women smoke during pregnancy, and the number of smokers among adolescents is rising.

This time authorities plan to declare a real war on Smoking to take cigarettes from society. According to experts this will be the single and most effective way to improve health of the population of the whole country. (READ MORE)