Safe night sounds does not happen

The sounds of the night have a negative effect on the brain, even if they are quiet. Moreover, even the so-called white noise, is used to deal with ringing in the ears and problems with falling asleep, can harm the brain and organs of the human hearing, scientists from the United States. They’d discovered the newspaper reports ScienceAlert.

Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco presented data to refute the usefulness of white noise for those who can’t sleep. Until now it was thought that white noise, representing different soothing sounds of nature, such as waterfalls, rain, rustling leaves and other helps to step back from Intrusive thoughts and ringing in the ears (tinnitus), as well as external sounds in a noisy environment. But, after analyzing the data of several scientific studies with the implementation of experiments on the effects of white noise on animals, the authors of the new work found that actually sound effect is dangerous in principle, and white noise also can have unpleasant consequences for health.

Specialists have found that white noise helps to reduce the inhibition of neurons, thus worsening their filtering ability.

“We found that long-term exposure to non-traumatic noise causes pathological changes in the Central auditory nervous system. In particular, these changes were observed when the volume of 60-70 dB, which is regarded as the safe noise level”, – said the scientists.
At the same time, experts noted that the phenomenon of tinnitus examined by doctors not fully. In some cases, the primary source of tinnitus are not hearing problems, and disturbances in several parts of the brain.

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