Is it possible to not have the soup and bread: nutritionists against parents

Remember parental guidance at the dinner table? Bread around the head, you need to eat dessert after the soup, no porridge will not grow big and strong… That is the truth and what is harmful myths? Let’s deal.

1. Bread

What did the parents without bread will not eat.

What nutritionists say: bread is a carbohydrate. It makes no sense to eat them and without the high carbohydrate foods: pasta, potatoes, dumplings, etc. Otherwise you will get too little protein and too many carbs and it is bad for the figure.

2. Soup

Said parents:
don’t eat soup – and earn gastritis.

What nutritionists say: there is no connection between soups and diseases of the digestive tract. Can replace them with any other dishes to your taste.

3. Porridge

What did the parents: for Breakfast you need to eat porridge.

What dietitians say: one of oatmeal is not enough to be satisfied until lunch. It would be good to add something protein: eggs, cheese, cheesecakes, pudding. Then Breakfast will definitely be useful and balanced.

4. Dessert

What did the parents only after we eat all that soup!

What they say nutritionists: and if the stomach is already full, the dessert will lead to overeating. Over time, the child has formed a habit to eat more than he needs, and he will begin to gain weight. No need to tie sweets to main meals – eat it when you want. Best of all – between meals.

5. Unloved products

That said parents
need to eat everything. Come on come on catch boiled onions!

What nutritionists say: not necessary. Do not like onions do not eat, in the world and without him fully healthy products.

6. Leftovers

What did the parents force her to leave on the plate. Can not throw away food.

What nutritionists say: habit to overfeed the baby is a real scourge of Russian culture. Through force, even if not desirable. To blackmail, to beg, to punish – only to be eaten. Why? Because it is necessary. Who should and why – is unclear, we just do it. Presumably, the memory of the hungry days.

Get rid of this habit if you don’t want to break the eating behavior of the child (or their own). The American dietetic Association recommends feeding children only when they want it.

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