Is it possible to have

What to do if you, for example, is going to make a sandwich but the ingredients are a little moldy? Trim the mold and to proceed according to your plans? In any case. Fully and clearly explains the video from TechInsider received viral spread.

If you have bread, fruits, vegetables or soft cheese there is mold, do not eat a single piece of these products. The video shows that what we call mold only part of the system of fungus, which can permeate the entire piece of food. What we see part of the fungus intended for reproduction, the sporangium, spreading thousands of spores. So clean pieces of moldy bread does not exist.

How dangerous is this mold depends on the type of fungus. Some are relatively low risk, but some do threaten the health. So, according to the video, the fungi of the genus Kladosporium relatively safe, though can cause allergies. But, for example, Penicillin korochkoy produce toxins, causing poisoning. Conventional black mold on bread is also very indifferent health.

Short-term heat treatment does not neutralize the toxins of mushrooms. Therefore, eating products covered with mold, nobody needs Russian roulette. The person who had the financial ability, to throw away moldy bread, it is better to do.

In fairness, we note that the regulations use of food with mold there are exceptions. So, Katherine Zeratsky dietitian (Katherine Zeratsky) on his blog on the website of the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic) indicates that cheese after cutting mould is quite possible to have.

Ukrainian Andrei