Coconut oil: How harmful it is for health

It’s supposed to be healthier than other fats, and even Alzheimer’s cure: For many years, coconut oil has experienced a veritable Boom. Consumers around the world can buy it in supermarkets, drugstores and health food stores that it is available in different variations.

Nutrition experts recommend a consumption of coconut oil. The from the endosperm of coconuts produced by plants fat is gratifyingly for consumers, increasing in popularity, said the spokeswoman for the German nutrition society (DGE), Antje Gahl.

It contain a lot of saturated fatty acids. This posed a health hazard. They increased, among other things, the risk for cardiovascular disease. Coconut oil have to be wrong in a positive Image, said Gahl.

“The pure poison”

The Physician Karin Michels (Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg) had recently initiated a fierce discussion about the pros and cons of the Oil. In a lecture, the Director of the Institute for prevention and cancer epidemiology was referred to the University hospital of Freiburg the food as “the pure poison” and from the consumer discouraged.

The one on the video platform YouTube, published Statements were met with a great response and very emotional criticism, said a spokesman for the hospital. Goal by Michels to clarify the issues of nutrition and health.

The statements of Michels had pointedly said Gahl. In case you are correct. Several international studies, the health risk, the out of coconut oil. Nevertheless, to benefit the exotic fat from the Trend of international as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes. It will demand to trade more and more often.

Who use coconut oil occasionally for cooking, need not to Worry, said nutrition researcher Gahl. Often used, however, it was harmful. That coconut oil lose weight help, how it suggest the advertising is simply false, said Gahl.

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“Worse than lard”

However, the surprise was kept, as a Freiburg-based Doctor recently for a public lecture, in which she referred to coconut oil as “worse than lard, and as pure poison”,. Michels, in addition to its senior activities at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, also in Harvard, your statements sure. The reason for their skepticism: coconut oil consists of about 90 percent saturated fatty acids. This will increase the LDL-cholesterol values, which in turn promote heart and circulatory diseases – in short, arteries clogged.

Other Points to confirm your concern

The “American Heart Association found out already”. It also warned against the consumption of the popular Oil. Similarly, it is also envisaged as early as 2016, the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg: This warned of a “not convincing” studies, the coconut oil proponents cited to the healing or healthy properties of coconut oil. She concludes: “The studies cited are not suitable from our point of view, to take a specific health Benefits of coconut oil.”

To demonize coconut oil in General, as the Freiburg Doctor Karin Michels does not, however, be misleading: Even if the value of saturated fatty acids is 90 percent, which is significantly higher than that of Butter, it should – like all foods – every Consumer to decide for himself whether he wants to take a food or not.

These Oils are better than coconut oil

Better than coconut oil, vegetable oils such as canola, soy, olive, sunflower or linseed oil. These contain unsaturated fatty acids and are therefore of less concern. Unsaturated fatty acids are good for the heart and circulation of man.

Even conservationists can’t warm up to coconut oil. Due to long distances and often questionable methods of cultivation, did it have a bad Eco-balance, said Ilka Petersen, a consultant in land use and sustainable biomass with the environmental organization WWF Germany. Ecological and social minimum standards would barely be met.

In addition, the trade coconut farmers are put under increasing pressure. This could be the life of your income in spite of rising demand hardly, the majority of the profits go to the numerous middlemen in the industry. The social and economic conditions for the farmers would need to be improved urgently.