Already dozens of people Dead in Europe: Now West has achieved-Nil-Virus

So far, Germany has remained from the West Nile Virus spared. Now, however, was first found in this country an infected bird. Wear mosquitoes, the dangerous Virus is already in?

For the first time, even for people of dangerous West Nile Virus (WNV) has been found in Germany with a bird. The causative agent of West Nile fever was detected in a great grey owl in Halle (Saale), such as the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) announced on the island of Riems.

Southern European countries that currently report reinforces fatal cases of West Nile fever, especially in the elderly. In Germany, the disease occurs only very rarely, so far, had infected all the victims abroad.

The great grey owl had been found in mid-August, dead in his aviary, it was from the FLI. The West Nile Virus infects mainly birds, to mosquitoes it can, however, be transferred also to other hosts such as horses and humans. How the pathogen came to the hall, will now show more detailed investigations. It is checked whether mosquitoes in the area carry the Virus.

Alone 21 people Dead in Serbia since the beginning of the year

In southern European countries, relatively many people suffer this year, as the epidemiologist Klaus said Sharply from the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. The reasons were unclear, the influence of, for example, certain mosquito and bird populations, as well as the also long – lasting summer weather.

In Serbia alone since the start of the year 21 confirmed deaths, officials said on Wednesday. In Greece, 16 in Italy, at least 10 people evidence died so far of the Virus. In the three countries, a total of approximately 400 additional infections were detected. Also from Romania, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, and France confirmed cases were reported.

Infection wave in Italy

The actual number Infected is probably much higher: The majority of Sufferers have pain no or only harmless symptoms such as head and limbs, and not go to the doctor. Residents of affected areas have been advised in the Greek state broadcasting company, to use evaporator or other means, against insects.

Of the infection wave in the North, and parts of Sardinia are affected in Italy. In Greece, the majority of cases have been recorded on the Peninsula of Peloponnese, and to Athens and Thessaloniki. In Serbia, primarily the capital city of Belgrade is affected.

The symptoms of West Nile fever

Typical symptoms of West Nile fever are muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes and fever. In about one of every 100 infections leads to a severe, the brain, the disease course, said RKI expert. A part of these diseases end fatally.

According to the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut for four weeks in Germany, increasingly, the dead are dead found wild birds – usually on the Usutu Virus. The West Nile Virus is closely related to this pathogen. Wild bird samples to be sent to the National reference laboratory for West Nile Virus infections in the FLI, are always examined for both viruses.

In birds, infection with the West Nile Virus remain mostly asymptomatic, explained the Institute. A number of bird species, however, is susceptible to the pathogen, so that it could lead to massive epidemics with death in some cases.