Four children, man, cancer: British woman tells of her life and the love of

Mother of triplets, cancer, from the friend to leave and then the love due to a renovation show on TV. About their unusual fate of the British woman Emma Campbell has written a book. The dream and the nightmare for the mother close to each other, but in their darkest hour, it showed that you can rely on your loved one.

Campbell has her book translated the title of “The true story of triplets, friends, cancer, love, loss, Laughter, and everything that is given after that followed”, extracts published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. It is an unusual story, full of strokes of fate, but also of surprising coincidences that have brought the cancer sick woman some of their best times.

As the mother of four, told, found them shortly after the birth of her triplets, a swelling in her chest. Her doctor confirmed the worst suspicion: It was breast cancer. When she got the diagnosis, had accompanied her father – because Campbell’s longtime friend and father of her four children had left previously. “The Situation was unbearable for all of us,” said the mother of four.

The friend on the spot

Now you had to master a coming apart at the seams of life: chemotherapy, surgery, career, and alone to care for the children. Friends and family stood in support. “One day I came into my kitchen and news anchor Natasha Kaplinsky looked like they cooked it with a mutual friend’s Bolognese,” said Campbell. The help came from all sides.

The breast cancer was able to defeat Campbell – at least temporarily. Skinny, with a bald head and a missing chest was finally gone from the ordeal, but was alive and continue to be there for their children. Your love life but it came with the separation from her boyfriend and the beginning of chemotherapy to a standstill. That should change surprisingly.

A television appearance and the consequences of

As Campbell told the Daily Mail, she was nominated by a friend for a Reality TV Show, in the houses, accompanied by cameras to be renovated. The result delighted the mother, the craftsmen got you but never to the face. Only after the broadcast of the Show, the “Carpet,” a man named Dave had contacted her and wished her all the best.

As Campbell clicked on his Internet profile, and have it hit you like a punch: “I knew Dave from the TV,” she said. In another Craft show he had noticed her some years ago. “I could remember that I was not to Occur immediately captivated.” The two began an intense – and part – messages romantic exchange.

A surprising relationship

But the next blow was already waiting: The cancer was back, this time it was skin cancer. Campbell had to go back into chemotherapy, but Dave didn’t want to drag you into this. You wrote him in a message that you understand it, if he does not want to go to the next step in the relationship. But his answer was: “I’m not going anywhere. I’m here for you.“

Shortly after, the two had met for the first Time in person – and a relationship began. “Despite the fancy hair on the pillow, and the ulcer on my tongue due to the chemotherapy, I was truly happy in Dave’s bed,” said Campbell. As the treatment was and she was better again, had pulled her new Partner to her.

The cancer together

Dave’s friend had certainly had concerns, as Campbell writes. “There were questions like: ‘I know you love her, but… four children? And Cancer?“ He had, however, was not deterred. After a few months in the common house, Dave had made her a marriage proposal. It was actually the cancer that have a tight family.

“It has been two years and I still take daily medication to the cancer to hold back,” says the mother of four. “But it’s good for me.” Together with Dave and their four children, they live a “full, authentic and powerful life.” In spite of everything, you’ve found genuine happiness. “And maybe I’ll have to thank me even during my cancer,” she writes.