After 28 years: Doctors discover a lost contact lens in the eyelid of a patient

Because of a swelling in the eye a 42-year-old woman from the UK went to the doctor. This made a surprising discovery: In the upper eyelid of the woman’s a contact lens stuck – but she wore since her youth, no hard contact lenses. Apparently, the foreign body was stuck for 28 years and was discovered only now.

According to the website “Live Science” – quoted from a in the journal “BMJ Case Reports” published a study, had been looking for the woman due to problems with her left eye medical advice. Accordingly, her eyelid was swollen and for a few months down hung. Eye specialists away, according to the report, a full-blown cyst from the eyelid.

Surprisingly, they had way in the welded bead of a hard contact lens found, however, was already on the Decay. How the foreign object got there, the patient was unsure. Finally, the mother of the 42 have remembered but-Year-old mind that this was made as a 14-Year-old of a shuttlecock in the eye. The family adopted at that time, apparently, that the contact lens had fallen out. The woman had worn then, never again will hard contact lenses.

In fact, the contact lens had slipped, according to the report in the upper eyelid and, for 28 years, pinned. Unclear doctors remained for the eyes, however, why there were in all the time with no symptoms, and only after decades, a swelling was formed without any obvious external influences. Health problems the woman had, in all the long time no.