Weight loss dangerous for women

Usually weight loss is considered on the positive side, but it turned out that losing weight can have a negative impact on the status of women, especially the elderly. About the study that showed this, reported in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Experts of the Center for health research Kaiser Permanente in California for 20 years, watched by a group of women (1323 participants), whose average age by the beginning of the project was 68 years. During observations, we took into account all changes in such parameters as physical activity, body mass index and weight, the presence and amount of alcohol and tobacco.

In the end, it turned out that among those women who over the observation period lost nine kilograms or more were more than twice likely to suffer from a hip fracture. Also it had too little physical activity and the risk of dying in the next five years was increased by 74% in comparison with those participants who did not lose weight.

“Moderate weight loss in older age can be associated with very serious health consequences after 80 years”, – concluded in the result of the authors work.
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