Bacteria that are immune to all antibiotics

Scientists from the Australian national University were able to detect a few strains of staph that are resistant to any antibiotics, said the journal Nature Microbiology. We will remind, in August, scientists from Cairo University made the statement that beef and chicken meat produced using antibiotics, will be the first in a number of reasons, invulnerable breeding bacteria that cause the deadly epidemic.

Australian experts studied the phenomenon of resistance of hospital bacteria to drugs. They analyzed data from 78 hospitals located in various countries. The researchers stated that the special health hazard is the bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis, and primarily for people with weakened immune systems.

Leading expert of research Ben Gouden noted that the use of new antibiotics, including drugs of last generation, with high toxicity, only contributes to the improvement of the mechanisms of adaptation of bacteria to drugs. Each of the three discovered by scientists dies of staph immune to almost all antibiotics.

Staph is dangerous with a weakened immune system and a massive threat to humanity is not. Still, the emergence of strains resistant to antibiotics, is an alarming signal. Doctors use the best medicine, but that’s what brings the emergence of “superbugs” that eludes the effects of drugs. Exacerbates the use of antibiotics in the food industry, in production of hygiene products.

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