Tourists flee from Hurghada because of the threat of fatal poisoning

Hundreds of British tourists are urgently leaving the Egyptian resort of Hurghada, where recently dead wife, poisoned by a deadly bacterium Shigella. Every year, it can happen to thousands of people.

Two guests were evacuated from the Egyptian hotel, where last week he died a couple from the UK. It is alleged that they also picked up a deadly bacterium called Shigella. Mother and daughter are among hundreds of tourists, immediately leaving Hurghada shortly after it died suddenly the Englishmen John and Susan Cooper (pictured). This couple became ill at the resort, very popular among the hundreds of thousands of Russian tourists. It is reported that they lived in the hotel Steigenberger Aqua Magic.

Magicforum resembles that of Shigella is quite infectious bacteria, which each year kills hundreds of thousands of people in different countries of the world. The study showed that evacuated from the hotel mother and daughter faced with this bacterial infection. The hotel management continues to deny any cases of illness among the guests. Experts stress that Shigella spread quickly between people. Quite often the infection enters the body with food, but also water, so the threat to tourists is high.

Other guests also complained of painful symptoms, vomiting and stomach upsets during the stay in this hotel. Currently, the English tour operator Thomas Cook is conducting its own investigation and estimates the air conditioning and also the hygiene of foodstuffs at the hotel. However, the company has not provided allowance in a room where there lived the dead tourists. (READ MORE)