A new outbreak of Ebola could become the worst in history

The outbreak of the Ebola virus, which has killed 75 inhabitants of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for 4 weeks, may be the worst in history. The experts urge the international community to intervene before it’s too late.

The new outbreak of the Ebola virus has the potential to be the worst in history, as suggested by the International Committee of aid working in Africa. Only 4 weeks since it started, Ebola has killed 75 inhabitants of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Experts fear a humanitarian crisis that will surpass the scale of the pandemic, 2014. Then in West Africa from Ebola died 11 000 people. That is why the international community must send its experts in order to bring the disease under control and prevent the development of full-fledged epidemic.

Currently, employees of the charity are available 24 hours a day in order to contain the epidemic, which has affected several hundred residents of one of the poorest African countries, living on the border of DRC with Uganda. In this area are delivered experimental drugs to control the virus, which is considered one of the most lethal of the existing pathogens in the world. Virologists are constantly warned that the situation is difficult to control, since the outbreak occurs in the zone of conflict, where there is a large number of armed men. Yesterday the head of the world health organization, Dr tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that the new flash has the potential for rapid spread.

In these areas there is an acute shortage of skilled health workers. Although the number of new cases is steadily declining, according to who experts, to talk about stabilizing the situation prematurely. (READ MORE)