Recommendations on healthy eating are outdated: dairy products are good for the heart

A new large study showed that whole milk products can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. These data raise the question whether it is right the current recommendations for healthy eating.

Whole, not skim, milk and products made from it have gained notoriety because they contained saturated fats, bearing the risk of atherosclerosis. Currently, for the prevention of heart disease, it is recommended to consume low-fat dairy products.

A study published in the journal Lancet, included data on 136384 participants from 21 countries, which were followed for nine years.

Drinking two or more servings of dairy products with full fat content was associated with a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 22%. The risk of stroke was reduced by 34% more likely to die from heart disease and blood vessels by 23%. A serving is considered a glass of milk or yogurt, a teaspoon of butter or slice of cheese to 30 g.

The study took into account many factors, including age, gender, level of education, Smoking, physical activity, consumption of fruits, vegetables, red meat, and white flour products.

The study’s lead author Misled Dehghan (Mahshid Dehghan), senior researcher, McMaster University (University in Hamilton) in Ontario, said that current guidance on nutrition based on the assertion about the dangers of saturated fat, but dairy products contain many other nutrients.

We should not discourage people to eat dairy products, especially those who use few of them. If people eat them a little, they should be encouraged to do this anymore she says.

Ukrainian Andrei