10 simple and delicious grocery combination for quick weight loss

Diet and proper nutrition is synonymous with a complete rejection of tasty and familiar food. But in fact it’s a disappointing mistake. If to learn more about the products and the effects they have on the body, you can suddenly find out that diet meals may include steak, potatoes, and even chocolate. Moreover, if you choose the right combination, they just do not harm the figure, but even speed up the process of weight loss.

We understand the tricks of food values and combinations of different products and picked up 10 delicious fat-burning meal options and drinks. Coupled with an active lifestyle they will certainly help to throw off unwanted pounds in record time.

Beef, grass-fed Jerusalem artichoke garlic

Abandon the steak being on the diet? A very good reason. Only to choose the best herbal meat, not grain fed, as it contains less fat inclusions, but you can continue to enjoy the natural beef flavor. Moreover, steaks from grass-fed meat is rich in leucine — an amino acid that helps build muscle mass and burn the extra fat.

Use increases in conjunction with the Jerusalem artichoke, as it is saturated with oligofructose, a natural polysaccharide, which, in addition to its other effects (in the form of enhance immunity, lower cholesterol, and so on), successfully suppresses your hunger and, consequently, accelerates the weight loss. For maximum benefit, don’t forget to season all this delicious set of garlic, which has also proven effective in reducing body mass index.

Salmon yogurt sweet potato
Milk whey protein found in salmon is an important source of essential amino acids that trigger protein synthesis in muscles and help to reduce the amounts of fat. This fish is also rich in fatty acids omega-3 which have anti-inflammatory and fat burning properties.

Complete your meal with a sweet potato (sweet potato) — and you will nourish your body and forget about the feeling of hunger due to slow digestion of carbohydrates. It also contains antioxidants and carotenoids, which stabilize the level of sugar and insulin in the blood. On top of the salmon, you can pour the yogurt sauce or dressing (of course, it is not purchased, and prepared independently, without excess fat, product) to further saturate the body with calcium, vitamin C and protein.

Eggs, hot sauce grapefruit

Protein-rich eggs excellent at getting rid of excess fat thanks to their composition the arginine is one of the most important in the human body amino acids which is a building material for many protein and energy source for cells. Season the hot sauce with Cayenne pepper: the capsaicin contained in it suppresses appetite and increases the body’s ability to use and burn for energy it fat.

As an additional component of a snack, allow yourself to enjoy half of a grapefruit. This citrus fruit is considered to be one of the most popular foods consumed in the diet: it is rich in phytochemicals that help in the production of adiponectin. This hormone is synthesized by white adipose tissue, respectively, destroying it.

Water cucumber lemon

Detox-drinks — perhaps one of the easiest ways to speed up weight loss. Besides, one of the most enjoyable and refreshing: don’t need to force yourself to drink tasteless water (which is Oh so important when losing weight) and you can enjoy a variety of nevertheless useful cocktails.

One of the most simple recipes is a combination of slices of cucumber, rich in vitamins C and K, and lemon juice, which actively suppresses the appetite and nourishes the body with polyphenols — a powerful antioxidant that speeds up metabolism and promotes the breakdown of fat. The only small condition is that for maximum effectiveness diet the polyphenols in one form or another should be ingested daily. But to comply with this rule is not so difficult when the drink is delicious, isn’t it?

Dark chocolate berries walnuts

Great news for foodies: a healthy diet does not imply a complete rejection of desserts. In fact, dark chocolate which has at least 70 % of cacao, by contrast, may assist in weight loss, because it’s full of antioxidants.

It is particularly important the presence of flavonols vegetable biologically active substances that contribute to reducing the number of fat-containing compounds in the blood and ensure good conductivity and elasticity of blood vessels. Simply put, these nutrients increase energy expenditure and prevent to gain weight. The combination of chocolate with berries will double the amount of flavonols and walnuts are filled with polyunsaturated fats, keep the fat accumulation and improve insulin metabolism.

Green / white tea ginger lemon

Studies have shown that white tea stimulates the breakdown of fat deposits and slows the formation of new fat cells and is also rich in antioxidants that help the liver to convert fat into energy. In turn, the green tea improves metabolism, accelerates the metabolism and eliminates toxins and waste products from the body, so the weight is reduced in a natural way without any harm.

The combination of tea with lemon fat breakdown is greatly accelerated, and ginger and does play a decisive role. Its main effect is due to the ability to increase thermogenesis — the production of heat, which is wasted from the food and stored previously energy. If you have problems with excess weight thermogenesis is slow by definition, so the metabolism is poor and the food is automatically deposited in the form of fat. Ginger also contains unique bioactive chemical compounds similar in action to a component of hot red pepper — capsaicin.

Almond paste banana

Mix of them mashed before going to sleep or prepare a sandwich for a snack in the afternoon — in any case, the combination of banana with almond paste will bring you only benefits and, importantly, great fun.

Dietary fiber and protein, which are rich in peanut butter, successfully neutralized the sugars contained in bananas, saving you from unwanted diet effects of extra pounds. Sounds unbelievable, but since the almonds slows the rate at which your body absorbs the sugar, the glucose level remains more stable, and this, in turn, gives the feeling of fullness for a longer time and allows you to eat less without mental agony, and a hungry fainting. So feel free to take this combination into service when you unbearably want to eat something sweet and hearty.

Avocado whole wheat bread Cayenne pepper
Oddly enough, despite the high calorie and large fat, avocado helps to lose weight. All in oleic acid — monounsaturated fatty acid, which is rich and which is essential to proper metabolism in the human body.

Uncompromising use of whole-wheat bread is well demonstrated by a study in which subjects were divided into two groups on losing weight in the first diet included whole grains, and the second — products of refined grains. The result was weight participants in both groups, but people with a whole grain diet percentage of fat in the abdominal area much more reduced. The toast and season with Cayenne pepper, you will accelerate the metabolism and burning of fat and also suppress appetite that has been proven in another study, when researchers found that people who ate food seasoned with hot peppers, the next meal consumed about 200 kcal less, so as not to feel hungry.

Cocoa Cayenne pepper
It’s time to transform regular consumption of chocolate drink with a burning gyrosigma seasonings. Pure chocolate, without the high sugar content and fructose syrups — the perfect drink for weight loss. Studies have shown that calcium is actively neutralizes the abdominal fat, and nutrients that enter the body with food are better absorbed thanks to the vitamin D contained in milk.

Combine cocoa, rich in antioxidants, Cayenne pepper or Chile that reduces appetite, improves metabolism and promotes greater fat oxidation (in which the fats are split into fatty acids and converted into energy), and the time to kill two birds with one stone: satisfy your taste buds and will not harm the figure.

Potatoes olive oil

White potatoes — one of the most controversial products in the diet and is usually bad on account of losing weight. Yes, fried in plenty of oil or in combination with fatty sauces, it will only hurt the figure, but if you cook it properly and enjoy in moderate amounts, it will, however, help to lose weight.

The fact is that potatoes are rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and several amino acids, and even contains vitamin C. due to this composition it successfully reduces the level of cholesterol, positively affects the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the elimination of excess fluid from the body. If you bake it in foil with pepper and a moderate amount of olive oil (which, like avocado, contains oleic acid and, consequently, has the same positive properties), then you can not worry about the extra pounds and enjoy a meal.