Procrastination: how to stop postpone the case for later

According to who, more than 50% of people are chronic procrastinators. They are late with the delivery of projects do not pay on time the bills and hanging out in social networks in the workplace. Tell what to do if you have a lot to do, and you read our article.

What is it?

A condition in which a person ignores and does household stuff. Or having an affair. However, he fully understands the importance and urgency of work. This procrastination is different from laziness: people who are too lazy to do something, fully aware of this report and not worry about it. He’s just trying to avoid work. A procrastinator is looking for excuses and feels guilty.

This condition is familiar to 96% of people in General considered normal. Procrastination becomes a problem only when it begins to cause trouble at work, cause resentment of others, etc.

Why do I procrastinate?

There are many theories that could explain this phenomenon. The most popular version claims that the emotions responsible one area of the brain, and for planning and attention to another. Because of this, there is a conflict between the desire to have fun and need to do something useful. And if the pleasure center wins, a procrastinator postpones the work and opens up solitaire.

How to deal with it?

Experienced procrastinator and Creator of the site Tim urban at the TED conference said that the benefits of anti-procrastination does not work. After all, they write intelligent, rational people – otherwise they would not have coped with such a volume of texts and studies. But the way out you need to look, otherwise procrastination will eat your entire life.

We have collected the top tips scientists if any of them will not help you, it is an occasion to address to the psychoanalyst. Perhaps your tendency to procrastinate – a consequence of some deeper psychological problems.

1. Write lists

Or abuse cases on a small and simple items. For example, you need to write the diploma. Make about these lists:

  1. Formulate the theme
  2. Find the requirements for registration
  3. To turn on the computer and create a document
  4. To make the title page

So big and very hard the task turns into several small and simple.

2. Block access to social networks

It is very promising. Tear out the eyes that offend you, you have to download a program that will temporarily block access to social networks. And turn off all notifications on the phone.

3. Be realistic

Do not put yourself too difficult task: the harder you work, the harder it will be for her to take. In the end, you’ll just have to reschedule it for later and you will be all day to watch cats on YouTube.

4. Engage in at least something

You had to write a big and boring report, but instead, you went to the gym, bought groceries and called my mom. Well, that’s good. At least the day has not been wasted.

5. Do what you really like

Maybe it’s not procrastination? Maybe you just don’t like what you are doing? Or deep down you don’t consider it exercise at all you will be useful? Would you procrastinate if they were not where they pay more, but where we always dreamed of?

6. Increase your bid

It so happens that people postpone things because they know even if they do not perform, nothing bad will happen. Make happened: for example, argue for the money that you will start going to the gym.

What to do if you’d love to do useful things, but anything lacking in energy? Look for the answer in the article “energy-guzzlers: 7 habits that are quietly Rob us of force”.