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  • Eye disease, as a rule, are often associated with common
    aging of the body, the depletion of it useful
    substances. Therefore, choosing the “right” rich
    vitamins products to prevent age-related
    changes to protect the eyes from disease and return them
    the beauty and health. Ophthalmologists recommend eating fish,
    rich in omega 3 at least a couple times a week. For
    eye health must enter into your diet salmon,
    sardines, herring or tuna. Fish oil will also be useful.
    it will prevent the degeneration of the so-called yellow
    spots – the place of greatest visual acuity in the retina of the eye. You probably noticed that blueberries include is literally
    all vitamin complexes for eyes. The fact that this
    berry improves blood circulation in the ocular blood vessels, the
    most maintaining their good health. In addition, it
    contains vitamins a, C and b, useful for the eyes.
    By the way, the blueberry retains all its properties
    after being frozen. All of us from the childhood of the adults said how useful this
    vegetable for eyesight. And they were right – the beta-carotene
    and vitamin a
    contained in carrots, is necessary for
    normal operation of the retina. Eat carrots together
    with dairy products – this will improve
    the absorption of carotene. This product is rich in vitamins B2 and B12,
    which support metabolism in the cornea
    and the lens and improve the blood circulation in the eye. The bioflavonoidscontained in transparent skin
    on the slices of grapefruit, giving it a bitter taste,
    however, slow down the aging eye lens.
    Therefore it is necessary to eat the whole thing without removing the skin –
    so it is much more useful than, for example,
    in the form of fresh juice. This leafy vegetable is rich in lutein, which reduces
    the probabilitydevelopment of the most common
    age-related eye diseases – cataract. The content of vitamins in this berry is a real
    record. For example, it contains ten times
    more vitamin Cthan in lemons. Due to this
    “wealth”, rose has a tonic
    effects on the organs of vision and, like blueberries, always
    is part of vitamin complexes for eyes.