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  • According to the who, incontinence is the most common
    urogynecological problem. Largely due to misconceptions
    that surround us: for example, a person is to be treated,
    because he believes his disease incurable.
    Or shameful. Or normal for her age. Every 20 minutes a person suffering from this disease.
    It’s more than 400 million people worldwide.
    Most likely, some of them are your friends.
    Perhaps even family members. They just
    embarrassed to talk about it. In fact, one in three women
    older than 35 years is faced with incontinence
    (for the incontinence). Urinary incontinence can be successfully treated in any
    age. In milder forms, even without surgical weight loss technology-
    whom intervention. And sometimes it’s just enough
    to change lifestyle (e.g., to diet),
    to get rid of this problem. The amount of fluid you drink, can
    does not affect incontinence. But its restriction
    especially older women, can cause
    kidney disease. In any store you can find professional
    hygiene products for those who are faced with such
    problem. But, according to statistics, 40% of Russians
    embarrassed to purchase such products.

    And for good reason. Absorbent underwear
    and urological pads Depend could times
    and for all solve the problem of odor and leaks.
    Besides, they are comfortable to wear
    and invisible under clothes.Yes, and all because of anatomical differences in the urinary
    the reproductive system in men and women. With the disease
    faces every third woman and only
    every eighth man. Kegel exercises keep muscles in tone
    pelvis.This is important if incontinence stress
    (occurs when coughing, laughing, physical
    loads, etc.). To deal with them in any
    age and even with limitations in mobility. Sometimes after childbirth the body recovers
    itself and after a couple of months bladder
    again begins to operate normally. But
    other cases will require the assistance of a physician.