How to save youth and beauty, effective, easy methods of rejuvenation

The question, that is, at all times. People have almost unraveled the secret of longevity. But, living long is one thing, but how to save youth and beauty for years to come?

Substances to rejuvenate the body

A huge number of scientists: physiologists, geneticists and pharmacists dedicate their lives to the study of the aging process and looking for possible ways how to maintain the beauty. And I must say, a lot has already achieved in this area! Look, at least, on the dynamics of growth of average life expectancy.

Thanks to these studies, for example, we know the role of antioxidants as substances that can slow the aging process. We are also well aware of how important a proper balanced diet, drinking sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, absence of harmful habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Balanced diet and intake of sufficient vitamins and mikroelementov enough to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the body.

These elixirs of youth began to publish increasingly, so be careful! Sometimes, the composition and does not portend anything bad. Recently read:

  • vitamins B1, C, D, E,
  • acetylsalicylic acid,
  • beta carotene,
  • folic acid,
  • garlic,
  • ginger,
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • ginseng,
  • green tea extract
  • magnesium, melatonin,
  • potassium,
  • cod liver oil
  • the Flaxseed oil.

Just like to add known: shaken, not stirred. Each of the elements is certainly useful, but please note that, as a rule, we are talking about research. This is not a guide to action. Therefore, reception of such rejuvenating cocktail made at home kitchen, is unsafe!

There are countless folk recipes for facial care, body and hair, but people living in the twenty-first century, this is not enough, especially as science is moving forward by leaps and bounds.

Methods of rejuvenation without surgery

Thegodsofdestruction bezoperatsionnye different methods of rejuvenation that catalytically Arsenal of tools that can bypass the time. This and cosmetics, and the possibilities of hardware cosmetology, which, by the way, just the same, comes on the heels of plastic surgery. Now, many problems can be solved without a scalpel. Judge for yourself.

  • Wrinkles can be easily removed with the help of injections of beauty. Sometimes also used the term contour. Recall that here we are talking about two kinds of impact: upper half of the face (it’s wrinkles that you want to temporarily block, to reduce their depth) – provides for the effects of botulinum toxin injections for the lower half of the face use a fill gels (pre-okay to use the peel for more even filling). As for the gels, it is now used products based on hyaluronic acid. They are totally safe, on the one hand, and on the other, is very effective in solving a number of problems.
  • Pigment spots. Those traitors that appear with age on the face and hands are eliminated with the laser system with a special nozzle (this method is called photorejuvenation). Do not forget that it should be done in the autumn-winter period, because ultraviolet radiation can lead to the opposite effect.
  • Sagging of the cheeks is also age, as a rule, the trouble associated with loss of muscle tone. It can be handled by combining home care (with the help of serums and special creams for toning the skin), salon beauty treatments, which contains a number of activities: hardware cosmetology, laser treatment (fractional rejuvenation). The choice of method depends on the individual.
  • Nodules over the knee joints. If earlier, with this problem it was necessary to go only to the surgeon, now has the opportunity to compete, less traumatic methods. Excellent results demonstrates (according to doctors-cosmetologists) mesotherapy in combination with massage and body wraps, aiming to breakdown of fats.

Surgical methods of rejuvenation

What can we say about plastic and aesthetic surgerythat is able not only to rejuvenate human, but to correct the defects inherited from the ancestors.

Modern cosmetic medicine and cosmetology sposobnykh over the weekend to transform a person and return it to its former beauty.

Plastic surgery has stepped so far. So plastic face and body is no longer considered a luxury only for the elite. Of plastic surgeries are the most popular procedure for tightening: face, neck, forehead and eyebrows.

  • Face lift (facelift) is a surgical procedure that can correct almost all age and birth defects of the face. During the surgery is correction of the skin of the face and neck and removing excess skin and fat tissue. It is also possible to partial correction of facial features using minifacelift, which removes the primary signs of skin aging.
  • Neck lift (plastic) is a complex surgical interventions, which aim to rejuvenate and improve the contour of the neck and tightening the underlying muscles of platysma. This operation will help to significantly rejuvenate the appearance and also emphasize the facial features. In addition, experts recommend the use of this kind of procedures after significant weight loss.
  • Forehead lift and brow (biolifting) simple but effective procedure aimed at the correction of eyebrows and removal of prostenok wrinkles and folds on the forehead. This plastic is increasingly carried out at a young age, as a large amount of stress will immediately affect the appearance of the face.

The above-mentioned types of plastics are often called operation weekend. Already on the 2nd day, the patient is discharged from hospital. This was made possible thanks to the use of laser and endoscopic technologies. In addition, such an operation practically do not leave scars, swelling and bruising.

Our happiness is in our hands

Yes, today’s science can do a lot. Yes, you can endlessly improve your face and body with the help of surgeons and cosmetologists. But if in the eyes no gambling and glitter, the same is inherent in the young, active, inquisitive, self-confident people, all in vain.

And the true formula of youth is quite simple (but complicated this simplicity!): active healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and positive emotions.

How do you keep yourself? There are a few simple ways:

  • proper nutrition;
  • the drinking quality of water;
  • healthy sleep;
  • walks in the fresh air (according to some, this 30-minute daily exercise prolongs life for a few years);
  • maintaining good physical shape.

All these are common truths that provide a healthy mind in a healthy body. But, after all, a positive attitude to life the most important condition!

Don’t stop to enjoy life! To wonder and be sincere!