Rules of beauty. In the summer you can become even more beautiful and attractive

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Visited the beauty salon

Simple rules of beauty

Pick the right closet

Each woman wants to become more beautiful, attractive and seductive. Especially, I want to be transformed in summer, when there is an opportunity to showcase themselves in a chic gown or to show off at the beach. And it is possible! Passing the men will turn around after a sea of compliments and attention – just like every woman’s dream.

Summer is beach season and the holiday season, so to start you need to transform quickly and effectively.

If it’s before a holiday or significant event remains not much time may pass unique Express course for the beauty, just by following the simple rules of beauty from Magicforum.

Visited the beauty salon

1. Pedicure

Naturally, during the summer season, feet should be well groomed! Your fingers should be tempting to complement the fashionable sandals or open shoes.

Don’t forget the leather heel and callus treatment. And trendy spa treatments to help relieve tired legs and make the gait is light and playful.

If from nature you are not quite perfect nails on the feet, it is possible to simulate or increase the nails. In the summer, when the toes almost all the time, and you need to experiment with the color of nail Polish to complement his drawings, decorations .

2. Manicure

Hands and nails must be well groomed all year round, but in summer, the holiday period can afford more bright and original manicure, which does not fit the office dress code.

In the summer it is necessary to do nutritious masks for hands. Exposure to sunlight and work in the garden or yard are essentially dry skin.

If after the winter and spring of Your nails become thin, brittle and lifeless, then a beautiful manicure can be quickly done using the nail. This will help to correct deficiencies, to adjust immediately to lengthen the nails, creating You an image of a well-groomed lady.

3. Waxing

Every woman knows that in certain parts of the body should not remain a trace of vegetation. Especially in the summer , when the minimum of clothing, the fabric transparent, and the swimsuit is the most practical clothes. Hair removalshould be part of daily hygiene of every woman. Modern technologies will help to achieve a flawless result for a long time.

4. Body treatments

Every woman will be pleased to treat yourself to a pampering experience for body, face, hair.

The beauty industry offers many useful procedures for skin improvement and weight loss. For example, chocolate wrap (even sounds good), termocartagena, mesotherapy, thalassotherapy. These salon treatment will help to quickly get rid of a few centimeters, to smooth out orange peel and make the skin more healthy.

The face requires special care and attention. Treat it to the hydrating masks or lifting therapy does not hurt.

5. Moisturizing treatment for hair

Tools that will help to moisturize the hair, especially in the summer, many: keratin recovery , prevention of hair loss, treatment of oily scalp, eliminating dandruff.

Buy means to care for hair with UF protection, on the beach wearing headgear.

6. Make Bio tattoo

Add to your relaxed outfit a little spice. Make a tattoo!

Bio tattoo or mehndy is stylish and sexy! The good thing is that this tattoo is temporary.

Bio tattoo is an artistic body painting with vegetable dye. Bio tattoos are very popular in Europe. It is beautiful and safe!

A visit to a beauty salon gives some results: refreshes, rejuvenates, transforms, makes more confident. But multiple trips to the masters of beauty is not enough to achieve the 100% result, you need to work daily on ourselves.

Observing some rules, you will be able to preserve their natural beauty and feel like a real woman.

Simple rules of beauty

It is important to get enough sleep

Dull and gray complexion, bags under the eyes, more pronounced wrinkles, a headache – that’s what causes the lack of sleep. Going to bed before midnight, sleep for 7-8 hours. Don’t overuse hypnotics, better ventilate the room, eliminate sources of noise and learn to relax. Create a comfortable environment for sleep:

– ventilate the room before bedtime;

– eliminate strong odors and remove potted plants that may cause headaches or allergies.

– buy a good mattress, and if you have back problems, it is best memory foam mattress;

– pick the pillow;

– it is believed that linens made of natural fabrics, also has a positive effect on sleep. Dark bedding also helps to sleep better.

– use soothing essential oils, this helps with constant stress and tension during the day.

is tight do not eat before bedtime. A light snack or a glass of warm milk will help to get rid of feelings of hunger and will not spoil the dream.

– choosing his clothes for sleep prefer spacious model from soft, natural fabrics. Hard elastics, zippers, large buttons – should not be.

Every day walk in the fresh air

The skin cells to the upgrade process requires oxygen. Get up early and take a jog or walk to work by foot , choose the road away from the busy roads, not to breathe the exhaust gases .

Often leave the city, walk in parks and squares. Learn the correct breathing technique.

Home do daily wet cleaning – it makes the air cleaner.

Be active

Movement energizes, makes the muscles stronger and body more perfect. Aerobics, weight training, running, Cycling, dancing;Do not have to pay a tidy sum and going to a stuffy gym. Select active something for everyone at every time of the year. In the warm season run, ride a bike, swim, walk more. In winter, think about skiing, skating. Connect to your active leisure with family and friends, organize competitions, play team games.

For example, you want to surprise your friends with electrifying dance at some event, or just to Shine on the party, catching admiring glances.

An additional incentive may be pre-set goal. Beach season is a good occasion to demonstrate their success.

Adjust your diet

Summer is the time to take control of your diet and add in diet, more fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables straight from the garden.

Follow these easy recommendations:

-Do not overeat but do not starve.

– Limit consumption of salty, fatty , smoked food. Eliminate, pastries and fizzy drinks – they are not going to benefit Your skin and body.

– Choose foods rich in natural vitamins and microelements. Forget about fast food and snacking, sweets.

– For healthy hair and skin need vitamins A, E and group B. to provide your body with sufficient vitamins, take vitamin-mineral complexes.

– Apricots, prunes, figs, dates, nuts, fruits, berries, herbs, vegetables, cereals – all depending on the season , should be present in the diet.

– replace ordinary bread with bread from wheat flour, discipline yourself to yogurt products. Milk, curd, cheese and milk contain calcium that will help get rid of brittle and dull looking hair and nails, and dental problems. Lean meat, chicken liver, green apples – good source of iron, and the sea fish and seafood make up the deficit of iodine and phosphorus, needed by the body.

– arrange once a week fasting day. Kefir, Apple, buckwheat or cottage cheese – any on Your taste.

Drop bad habits: Smoking, alcohol

No cosmetics will not save Your face from the harmful effects of Smoking on the skin and figure. The skin becomes dry and takes on a grayish hue, appears bad breath . voice coarse and appear in early wrinkles.

Many , mistakenly, believe that a woman with a cigarette looks sexy. But men, increasingly, this pattern causes the opposite effect. To create the image of a femme fatale and make sexuality better use beautiful lingerie and skills acquired during the lessons.

Also , applies to alcohol. Do not overdo it! Girl drunk in the morning can turn into a “miracle” with not very attractive views.

Pleased that has recently become fashionable to get rid of these bad habits. Modern man should not have harmful habits this kind of a way to emphasize their freedom.

Take care of your skin

Every night, as if you are not tired during the day , well clean the skin of accumulated per day of dirt which clogs the skin pores and prevents the skin to breathe. Purification is carried out using special tonic or lotion, but you can use cleansing milk or gel cleanser. All such funds then to wash off warm water.

In the summer, don’t forget to use sunscreen with high factors of protection, especially if you have fair and sensitive skin. Often the sun can quickly age the skin. In cloudy weather use sunscreen is also necessary, through the clouds and plenty of UV light.

Use a properly fitted, age and type of skin creams. In their composition must be moisturizing and nourishing components. For example, young girls will have enough moisturizer, but women under forty-it’s time to fight wrinkles, more dramatic methods.

Do not use the cream every day, sometimes you need to give the skin a rest. Every two months, change the cream, try counterparts from other cosmetic lines, or new developments of their favorite lines. This must be done in order that the skin does not have time to get used to the cream, otherwise it becomes not so effectively.

The modern cosmetic art is good, but do not forget about the proven natural remedies, natural masks. Summer things to nourish your skin with vitamins is becoming more. In addition to eating vegetables and fruits as food, they will get a good hydrating mask – natural and useful. We all know that cucumber mask moisturizing mask strawberry nourishes. Almost everything that grows in the beds and trees can be used as a cosmetic.

Pick the right closet

Of course, not clothes make the man, but shapeless robes instead of dresses, not decorate any woman. Experiment, find your style in clothesin which you look attractive and feel comfortable. Do not have to run to the boutiques and buy the latest collections of famous designers. Stylish dress is possible without exorbitant costs, but if you still know how to sew or knit, you can create your own exclusive things.

Choose clothes for his age and his size. Would look funny if a lady of age dressed like a schoolgirl – this will not make her younger, and will only cause ridicule others. But if a young girl dressed in grandmother’s attire, it at least will surprise.

Love and learn to be happy

A woman blooms when it blooms and falls in love, when you love her. Positive emotions are a wonderful means of rejuvenation. Love is a very important part in life of every person, especially for women. Love can be an incentive for self-improvement and complete transformation. That is, when a woman falls in love, she wants to be beautiful and attractive to the object of their dreams.

A woman in love, like, glows, from the inside radiating inner beauty. The internal state of happiness, you should try to preserve as long as possible.

Don’t be a pessimist, always look for the positive side in any situation.

Previously doctors called a simple way to become more beautiful.