Skin care in autumn and winter: rules and recommendations

The woman fascinates the male gender for their tenderness, softness and, of course, beauty. Female beauty is legendary. At all times it is chanted by poets, musicians, artists. Feminine beauty has tremendous power, but at the same time fragile and vulnerable. That’s why most women years of conducting the battle with time and nature for its beauty. Will soon become cold, so the skin will require special care. Magicforum decided to find out how to care for themselves in the coming autumn-winter period.

What is needed in colder our skin?

Creams and lotions, masks and toners, scrubs and gels – what is not only trying to keep its charm in the female sex. To save your skin from rapid aging, you need to use the correct products for a particular skin type. Besides, it is impossible to forget about influence of temperature on the condition of the skin. In warm time of the year skin care differs from caring for her in the cold period. Today we talk about skin care during the cold period.

In winter, every girl or woman faced with minor skin troubles: redness, tightness, peeling, itching. These symptoms not only lead to premature aging of the skin, deterioration of the appearance, but also inconvenient. But want to skin had a healthy appearance: smooth, silky, elastic. Of course, to maintain the natural beauty in the special salons, but more affordable skin care at home. Application of creams that are purchased in stores; use your homemade masks and lotions to properly care for the skin of the face, neck.

The care of dry skin in the winter

In winter, every woman faces skin problems. This is partly due to the fact that in winter the skin is sorely lacking moisture. In this respect, the worse is the dry type of skin, so the skin needs careful care. In the beauty Arsenal of women should be moisturizing cream, but the gel should be abandoned. Moisturizing mask for dry skin apply 2-3 times a week. To clean the skin from makeup should be exclusively milk, avoiding tonics. About washing with soap to forget and just use a foam cleanser intended for dry skin type.

Before going out on the street a woman of any age with dry skin should apply on face, neck and hand cream from the cold. It will cover the top layer of skin by a special film, which will soften the impact of cold. At night, always apply a cream with intense moisture (recommended for women older than 35 years). It is important to choose a cream that will be suitable for your skin type because a cream can also differ in the type of impact and need to pick them up individually.

Care for normal skin in winter

The owner of a normal skin type will surely have less of a hassle. They don’t suffer from enlarged pores, excessive peeling, Shine, acne, etc. But for this type of skin needs care, especially in winter. It starts with the selection of good cream. We are talking about the cream, not the gel or cream-gel, because in winter they have a destroying effect on the skin.

As you know, the face cream can be nourishing and moisturizing. In warm moisturize the skin day and feed at night (at night). In winter you can follow the same principle, but before an exit on street it is better to put on the face nourishing cream. If you like a light moisturizing cream structure, use for 20-30 minutes before going into the cold, the snow, the cold wind. In this case, the minimum probability of chapping of the face. In the evening a positive effect will have a compress of chamomile: it calms “zastuzheny” face.

For cleansing of normal skin suitable soft (alcohol-free) toner. For extra hydration, it is recommended to make a mask 4 times a month (about 1 per week), women after the age of 35 years – 6 times a week. This is due to the peculiarity of the skin to lose more moisture. A special cream from cold for normal skin you can use ladies, crossed the 45-year-old age limit. Women younger is better to use the normal creams.

Care for combination to oily skin in winter

Holders of oily skin often suffer from acne, enlarged pores and oily Shine that cover the entire face, shoulders, back. For those who have combo skin, a little easier: affected only certain areas. This includes the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Which would be harmful was not oily skin, it also needs special care in winter.

Choose a cream designed for oily or combination skin, or gel with no matting effect. Gel with mattifying effect will be to dry out the top layer of skin. Many people believe that oily epidermis resistant to cold. The cold, icy wind is equally damaging for normal and for dry and for combination and oily skin types.

To remove makeup, excess oil in the evening will help lotion, foam or toner. Alcohol-based toner is suitable for women aged 25 to 45 years. If you do not enter into this age category, use the tonic without alcohol.

Enlarged pores are treated with regular steaming (water vapor, steam herbal concoctions), after which the open pores are cleaned with a tonic without alcohol. In winter, the use of a scrub is limited to one time per week (2 weeks).

Like a winter care other types of skin care for oily or combination skin requires additional hydration with masks. Make a moisturizing mask at most 1 times a week, and skin will look healthy and rested.

Women’s skin any time of year care needs. Always monitor her condition and take measures to maintain a good appearance. The care – a pledge of beauty! Pay attention to the reaction of their skin to understand what kind of care she needs and how to nourish and protect from the harmful effects of bad weather.

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