Three tips that will make your hair perfect

For treatment and strengthening of hair is not necessary to use expensive cosmetic products and to drink vitamins, try using hair mask at home, they often bring much more than the advertised shampoos and conditioners. All store-bought cosmetic products contains some artificial ingredients, but homemade hair mask is all natural, it retains all the nutrients and vitamins. Magicforum have gathered for you useful tips on hair care that will make them in perfect condition.

Which hair mask should I use?

All masks with vegetable oils prepared according to the same recipe. We must take 2-3 spoon of oil and mix it with fresh egg yolk. Egg need to mask off quickly, besides, the yolk contains a lot of vitamins of group B. When the ingredients are mixed, the mask must be heated to room temperature, and then apply to hair, wrap head with cellophane and cover with a thick towel. Mix wash after 2-3 hours with lukewarm water with shampoo.
The nutrient is considered to be castor oil, but it is very difficult to remove, so castor oil is recommended only for severe hair loss, baldness in focal mask can even be left on overnight. Olive, Flaxseed and sunflower oil helps in the problem of dry hair, the mask with these oils, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of honey, which also contains various micronutrients. Olive oil not only moisturizes the hair but cleanses them from toxins and harmful chemicals absorbed from the environment. Mask with burdock oil is good help in the problem of hair loss, this oil is effective in treating dandruff, itching and inflammation on the scalp.

Animal fat can be purchased in many pharmacies, the easiest way to find the badger or bear fat, sold in small jars. Don’t be scared of these names, pharmaceutical products undergo several stages of refining and have no smell. A tablespoon of fat you need to melt in a water bath, mix with a spoon of honey and the same amount of any essential oil or glycerin and then apply on hair and wrap them in a towel in 1-1, 5 hours the mixture is washed with shampoo. This mask is suitable for dry and normal hair, animal fat enhances the nutrition of hair follicles, causing hair to grow faster and stop falling out, and the tips are more flexible and smooth. If the fat to melt too much, it can flow down the hair on the face is not very nice, but one hour can be patient. Masks from animal fat are used for hair treatment since ancient times, it is known that they were used even Cleopatra.

Hair mask of cosmetic clay

In the clay contains nitrogen, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphate and many mineral salts that are beneficial to the health of the hair. The clay is sold in powder form in pharmacies and cosmetic stores its color depends on the which nutrients predominate in the composition. Blue clay useful in hair loss, it strengthens the hair follicles, relieves scalp irritation and itching cleanses the hair from deep ingrained in them for dirt and street grime. Yellow and green clay is used for getting rid of dandruff and to give hair a healthy Shine. Red clay – assistant in the fight against excess fat hair, and gray clay moisturizes dry hair. White clay is used in the treatment of baldness, it activates the “sleeping” hair follicles. The clay is black in color only used for skin care of face and body.

To prepare a hair mask at home you need to dilute a few teaspoons of dry clay with warm water. The finished mixture should resemble sour cream, it is applied to the hair roots and cover head with a towel for 20-45 minutes and then wash as usual. Blondes is recommended to wash the head lightening shampoo with chamomile, because after the mask of clay of dark color blonde hair can be a little dull or acquire a grayish hue. The mask was more effective, it added some other ingredients. Blue clay can be mixed with 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon honey and butter in a mask from hair loss, you can add a glass of kvass, a mask of white clay to fight split ends, add two tablespoons of any acid berries and two glasses of fresh milk.

Masks for hair growth

The hair begins to grow faster if you periodically do a scalp massage and warm up the hair follicles. For this purpose best suited red pepper, are sold in departments with spices, or drugstore tincture of red pepper. When you use these tools to make sure that they do not fall into the eyes, the pepper can burn the scalp, so a mask must be washed off immediately as soon as a strong discomfort.

For the preparation of the first mask is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of ground pepper and mix with 4 spoons of honey, and then apply the mixture on the hair roots and wrap them in a towel, wash off the mask after 20-30 minutes. The second option mask consisting of 1 tablespoon capsicum tincture, 2 tablespoons of any hair conditioner and 1 tablespoon of castor oil and if your hair is very oily, it is possible to replace the ordinary warm water. The ingredients are mixed together and applied to a dry scalp. So it was easier to do, divide your hair into hair partings. Hold the mask on your head before the emergence of the feeling a strong burning sensation, but more than six hours, she should not keep.

If the strands look lifeless, and severely flogged the tips, a hair mask at home, it is recommended to do several times a week, healthy hair enough to feed a couple of times a month. The preparation of masks you need to pay quite a bit of time, and the effect of the use of natural ingredients is amazing.

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