How to restore hair after the summer

Summer means sun light! And very often we only think about our skin when it comes to the sun and hoopshoot. But can the sun harm to our hair? The answer is Yes! Although your hair can’t technically burn, how your skin, UVA and UVB rays can really damage your hair from cuticle to its inner structure. Now, when the summer ends, it’s time to take stock of the damage the sun for hair and to take measures to restore the hair and skin. Magicforum decided to find out what you need to do to care for your hair.

How to care for your scalp?

The most important trick is not to expose your skin to stress, if you have no hat or scarf is to tie your hair in a pony tail – so you can prevent sunburn of the scalp, which can lead to dry skin and dandruff. This is a great tip for those who also trains in the sun.

Tips for damaged hair

Be careful when collecting tail hair

When it’s hot and you’re in the sun, hair suffers from lack of moisture and become dry. If you use tight rubber bands or braid the hair in tight French braids to fall your hair will break. This can be avoided if you keep your hair collected, but not too tight. This advice is useful for the prevention and, if your hair is already traumatized. It is not necessary during treatment to gather them in too tight a ponytail or braid.

Treat your hair in the night

As well as you take care of the person night can be taken care of and hair. To do this, they need to put a mask that will work while you sleep. For example, at night you can use Pantene Pro-V Deep Repair Mask and sleep with it in your hair overnight. But you can choose any other hair mask, which is designed for long action or you can make this mask yourself.

The use of medicinal products during the summer will prevent the abuse of the sun, which causes a dull color and dry, brittle hair. Hairdressers recommend at least once a week apply a deep conditioner / mask to reduce mechanical damage, especially important for women with brittle hair.

Use additional oil omega

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil capsules can also benefit your hair, making them strong and sturdy. Omega-3 healthy fat that can help reduce the dryness of the skin, which can lead to dandruff or itching scalp. You will not damage the addition to the diet some extra capsules with this Supplement during the summer season to help your hair. If you did not use omega-3 in summer, it is still not too late to do it in early autumn, your hair will be happy.
There is not necessarily any Supplement pills, you can consume foods rich in omega-3 is salmon, walnuts, Chia seeds, flax seeds, tuna, anchovies and egg yolks.

Do not wash your hair too often

Too much shampoo can dry the scalp and hair, which suffered from the summer sun. If you are inclined to sweating, and if your hair becomes oily easily, use a mild shampoo. This remedy will not injure the hair, sun-damaged, and will only help wash away excess fat.
Apply shampoo only on the roots of the hair, not the hair and when you wash your hair, the foam will be washed away, cleansing the hair. Putting the shampoo separately on your hair and ends of your hair, you dry it.

Give the hair moisture

Drink plenty of water! If you don’t drink enough water, none of the above will do nothing. If you want to help your hair, you need to moisturize them from the inside and not just outside.

Apply conditioner

From time to time it’s not the end of the world if you don’t use shampoo. Yes, you really can skip the shampoo and relying solely on air conditioning. After the wash you will not get perfectly clean hair, and the hair like on the second day after washing. Your hair will be smoother, softer and easier to style.

The hairdressers say that regular daily air-conditioning, especially of injured hair is important. And when it comes to swimming, conditioning is key.
Another important aspect of hair care in summer is to reduce the harmful effects of sun and chlorine. Conditioning your hair before swimming in the pool or in the sea is critical. So make sure your hair is prepared for the beach or pool, and keep them safe.

What else can you do if you burned your scalp?

Burnt scalp is not the most common problem, but it can happen. It is hard to imagine this until you can dry your hair without screaming in agony. At the same time, we all know what to do if you have burnt skin on the body, but scalp? What? Apply it aloe Vera or the cream?

Here is what recommended by professional hairdressers in this case:

1. Use the milk. Dip a washcloth in milk (two percent is better) and gently press the scalp. “The enzymes in milk combine with the skin and promote healing”- say the experts. This is the same treatment that many dermatologists prescribe to patients with chemical burns.

2. Scrubbing of the scalp. Most likely, your skin after strong sun exposure scaly. But don’t use shampoo – the chemicals in it can further irritate your skin and dandruff, will not work because the problem is not the fungus and that the skin is injured. Instead, use a cleanser or exfoliating shampoo. This will save you from dandruff and will lead to a normal state the scalp.

3. Take care softer. Your skin is already traumatized, any chemical substance can only aggravate the situation, so it’s best to reduce the number of skin funds or abandon them. You can use a mild shampoos, conditioners and don’t use styling products and styling.

Previously it was shown that beautiful hair can tell you about many processes in the human body.