Sexual fantasies on the subject strengthen relations

Sexual fantasies on this theme significantly increase the quality of sex life partners. To such conclusion came a scientific study.

Most sociologists and psychologists agree that sexual fantasies are enriching intimate life of a person and strengthen romantic relationships. For example, if people dream about sex with a loved one, then they experience more satisfaction in bed. Scientists from Israel have decided to follow the connection between fantasy and satisfaction from relationships. They ran some tests with participation of volunteers, including those who were already mentioned in most of these respects.

Participants were asked to fantasize about their partners or someone else and then tell you what it desires gave rise to similar fantasies. Overall, the experiment demonstrated that the fantasies reinforce the desire to make love with a partner. Experts have found that the invention allows to get rid of negative thoughts and to make the relationship more satisfactory. While there is nothing wrong if you fantasize about someone else, including even celebrities and characters from erotic videos.

Recent study showed that many men find this kind of fantasy of their women a form of cheating, but in reality it is not. With age and as the duration of the relationship partners can get tired from each other. Fantasies are harmless tool of psychological doping, which allows to increase the interest to each other. Particularly productive will be the relationship in which the partners share their fantasies with each other, albeit quite relaxed. ()