These fruits and vegetables should be washed carefully

Do we really need to thoroughly wash the fruit? Experts said that in some cases it is sufficient to hold the Apple under tap water for just two seconds.

Since childhood we have heard about that before eating fruits and vegetables shall be thoroughly washed under the tap. According to experts, washing fruits and vegetables protects people from infection by such bacteriaas Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. But sometimes there is a feeling that we’re wasting time and water, and in addition, it is unclear exactly how much you need to wash those products. The answers to this question was given by the specialist in the field of healthy nutrition at Ohio state University drew Patterson. He stressed that watermelon, for example, should be washed at least 10 seconds, and some other fruits so not to worry.

Let’s start with the fruits and vegetables that have a porous coating, that is, small holes, through which there can get air or liquid. They need our greatest attention and wash with running water for at least 10-20 seconds. In particular, this applies to cucumbers and also strawberries and vegetables, with roots, like green onions. Vegetables and fruits with peel like melons and apples do not require a long wash – just enough 5-10 seconds. Watermelon is better not to throw waste water, and wipe dry, thereby erasing from the surface any traces of dirt. As for the fruit, which must be peeled before consumption, such as oranges and bananas, then wash them altogether. The fact that bacteria through such rind just does not penetrate.

Special attention should be paid to vegetables and fruits that were collected directly from the earth. There is a risk that they could become habitat for certain harmful bacteria. Of course, these bacteria cannot be completely removed with water, and it is best to use soap. However, even plain water greatly reduces the risk of infection. ()