Most skin contains a laxative

This is a very undesirable ingredient for use in skin care. Experts remind that in preparations against acne and redness contains laxative.

What ingredients are needed for personal skin care? Disregarding their cost, these ingredients must be substances that are suitable for different skin types and hence for different people. Few know that almost all these tools, designed to combat skin redness and pimples, contains one specific ingredient. He also is a key component of most purgative medicines. We are talking about the mineral magnesium, which is necessary to restore balance to the digestive system.

Magnesium also helps in cell repair and reduces inflammation, which on the face happens all sorts of unpleasant outbreaks. Overall, magnesium has a positive effect on the appearance of the face, reduces the severity of acne and other skin disorders by reducing cortisol levels, stabilize hormonal balance and overall impact on cellular processes. Although magnesium is added to most of funds on skin care products for external use, experts believe that the maximum effect of this mineral gives in the case when it is used inside.

In particular, if a person absorbs the magnesium, the mineral that helps him in the implementation of the 300 different processes in the body. Among them muscle contraction, reducing blood pressure, stabilizing heart rhythm, improving the quality of sleep and regulation of blood sugar levels. However, means for external use with magnesium can benefit for skin, especially with its redness and rosacea. (READ MORE)